The above picture is the kind of country in which I live – ‘The Emerald Isle.’

Peter James

I set myself a goal of publishing an article of encouragement and interest every day.

I wake up each morning, grateful and happy to be alive, even when ‘times are tough’, so if my posts can help anyone else to feel the same way, my goal will be accomplished

These articles are essentially intended to offer the culture of encouragement and will follow the form of dream accomplishment; inspiration, thought management, self-development, romance, adventure, and so on.

In addition to this, I published a book of short stories, ideal for snuggling up in bed and digesting over 200 pages of interesting stories of all genres; para-normal fiction, thriller fiction, historical fiction, and somewhat surprising…five medieval poems!

Because I want as many of you to have an opportunity to read these gems, I am offering you a special price of only 5 Euros for an e-book. Tap the below block and, after a little admin, a copy will land in your downloads.

“This means I could well be marrying a bank robber!” she said, raising her voice. He was shocked at her return to the real world and was about to explain when the small voice of his ego said, “Don’t let on fool!” Tap the picture to read more and find out why Claudette is marrying a bank robber …

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