Peter July 2918

I set myself a goal of publishing an article of encouragement and interest every week.

I wake up each morning, grateful and happy to be alive, even when ‘times are tough’, so if my posts can help anyone else to feel the same way, my goal will be accomplished

These articles are essentially intended to offer the culture of encouragement and will follow the form of dream accomplishment; inspiration, thought management, self-development, romance, adventure and so on.

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Alton, not familiar with Saria, Please expand a little. Many thanks

  2. Lovewell, thank you for your comment and the honest way in which you reveal your response to the article. I am touched that I might have had a little investment into the success of your future life. Your focus too, rings of excitement and adventure.
    Confortare Numquam Brother, I’m encouraged that we share the same Alma Mater.

  3. When people chase money, they never catch it; reason: people only have two legs, money has four. When people focus on their passion and live in the now, then money chases them and because money has four legs and people have only two….money catches them. This is all the coaching you need; follow it and you will accomplish your dreams. Bless you

  4. Dearest Pathways, I am faced with the paradox of my pain for your loss and the joy of your engagement with the planner. Your Son, Levi, ‘joined in harmony’ was a link sent to you by the Planner, that you might connect in harmony for all your days. Levi is of a priestly line in ancient Hebrew history, he was an assistant to the Planner ensuring that all ran according to schedule of the Planner’s grand design for the Israelites. Take courage, your pain is a seed that you have sowed for a great harvest to come.

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