Bucket List Items & Broken Engines – Krabi, Thailand

Here is a young man who who took his dreams to the clouds and who, thankfully, takes time to record and share them with us ‘grounded’ pilots.

Hi again! I’ve finally got some time to write another blog post.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (and if you don’t you can find my pages here & here) or if you know me in person, you would know that I’ve been to Thailand a few times. Admittedly, I have yet to make it to Bangkok, which seems to be like some type of ‘rite of passage’ for travels in South East Asia. Anyway, the parts of the country I have seen have been beautiful, the culture I have experienced has been fascinating & the food I have eaten has been delicious.

I found myself in Krabi & myself & five friends decided the best way to spend the day would be to spend it island hopping. This experience turned out to be crossing off a bucket list item which I wasn’t even aware I had…

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Soul Mates


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From the first moment, we made a connection…

…there was that sense that I have known you for a long time and that our relationship was meant to be. Thank you for all you are in my life. You arehttps://www.bluemountain.com there through the ups and downs, reminding me each day of why I love you.  It is because of you that I know the bonds we form are everlasting as the spirit.

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Where are You Now?


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If you not sure – ask your heart……


Where are You Now


“Honor, acknowledge and fully accept your present reality:

  • Where you are, who you are, what you are doing right now.
  • Accept what you have got, be grateful for what you have got , grateful for Eckhard Power of Nowwhat is.
  • Grateful for being.
  • Having gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now.

This is true prosperity.

It cannot come in the future.

In time that prosperity manifests for you in many ways”.

Eckhart Tolle

‘The Power of Now’

Important Notice


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Hello to all of you very special people who follow this site/read my posts.

I have decided to take a six month break from writing weekly articles for this site.

True to my life philosophy, I’m very aware that I can never ‘find’ time to do anything.

I must rather ‘make’ that time.

One year ago, I set a goal for the publishing of my first novel. I’m behind on this goal, so I will now set about ‘catching up’. In addition to this I have compiled a manuscript Writer at Workof short stories that I must publish.

This all adds up to the trade-off arrangement I’m having to make by publishing only once a month on this site.

Thankfully my brother, under the title “…time with the Master…” will continue to publish weekly on my spiritual site.

I shall try to fill the weekly void by popping my own brand of ‘Words of Wisdom’ and

re-blogs from worthy sites, so that you know I’m still on the planet.

Thank you for understanding.



What Land Belongs to Who….?


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In May 2015 Thomas Beddy responded to a comment by our then President Jacob Zuma on Facebook.

In the run-up to our next general election, like most countries in the world, hot headed politicians are, in one form or another, broadcasting all manner of gross exaggerations to the their followers and the electorate in general.

The comment of Mr Beddy I thought was absolutely brilliantly written, in response to Mr Jacob Zuma’s statement that, all the problems in South Africa started with the arrival Rand Noteof Jan Van Riebeeck in 1652.

His article reads thus and I quote verbatim from his Facebook Page:

As a header the face of Jan Van Riebeeck is cartooned saying, “Stop blaming me for all your shit!!! Pay back the money”.

“A Brit responded..

I know, I know.. We had the same problems in England you know..

First we had the Picts and the Scots. And then came the Romans who stuck around for for about four centuries. Then we had the Angels and Saxons and all those other Germanic tribes. Oh ho. Then came the Danes and their Viking mates, a nauseating bunch of horney helmeted rapists and looters they were.

Nevertheless the Danes were eventually displaced by the Normans, who turned out to be Frenchmen in disguise – but we were a bit slow to recognize the fact until it was too late; Anyway they were led by the Duke of Normandy, who was a real bastard and who gave our wimpy king a right one in the eye. (The bloody French are still hanging around with their cheese and their bread and their wine  and their accordion music and their fancy restaurants, seducing our people away from our culture of slap chips and custard.)

And then, and then, came the Dutch when King William and Queen Mary of Orange popped over and started causing nonsense with the Irish at the battle of the Boyne. The Irish have never completely forgiven us, so they came over and settled all our building sites.

Then the Germans came back again, surreptitiously, and occupied top of the Mall in Buckingham Palace…

And where are we now…? Now we have Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, Caribbeans, Syrians, the Oz, Italians, Americans, Canadians, Poles, Portuguese, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Moroccans Egyptians, Iranians, Palestinians, Israeli Jews, Ethiopians, Somalis, Nigerians, Rhodesians, Scots (to run the government), and (whoa!) South Africans…

Its been going on for two thousand years.

It’s an outrage…

And yet, and yet…all these people (well most!) have contributed to make England and the English a great democratic nation.

And yet, I have never felt the slightest inclination to bomb Rome, to shatter the Pyramids, , to close a Pakistani restaurant, to nuke the Ka’aba in Mecca, to blow up a bus in Jerusalem, to chop off the head of a Nigerian etc. (And even if I have, I have controlled myself from saying so.)……”

There is more – find it on Facebook.

I have published this article, because I feel Mr. Thomas Beddy has a good sense of humour, which is something we need more of in this world of ours today.





Saint Pinard


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Saint Pinard



Saint Pinard

I recall some years ago a conversation I had with a French family, concerning my origins. At the time it raised much mirth among them resulting in the only member of the family, who could speak English, confiding in me.

“Peter” he said, “This name, Pinard is a beet of a joke in France”.

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Holi-Day of Sir Peter James and The Layde Scarlett.


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 On a fayre day, that bold knight, Sir Peter James, did journey to the lands end in his trusty carriage, the Bee-Em-Thrubble-Ewe, with six trusty steeds at the fore.

He rode with his layde, The Layde Scarlett, Princess of all Albertinshire.

That bold knight did leane over to his layde as she slumbered to the rythyme of the swayeing carriage. He whispered to her eayr, ‘My Layde, my love for thee is indeed greatere that that of my lyfe, sleep on and rest thy soul”.

HolidayThey did journey to the countrye home of Lorde MacIlwayne of Southbroomeshire-Upon -Seeye, at the behest of that great lorde.

Upon their arrival, they gazed to the seeye and the beauty of its shores. There was much celebration on their arrivale and being led to their chamber, they were implored by the Lorde MacIlwayne, to slumber awhile to rest their bodyes and souls. ‘For surely tonite there shall much celebration at the arrival of this bold knight, Sir Peter James and his layde, the Princess of all Albertinshire.


Squire Mattheus

There were a feaste to behold that nighte; much fayre at tables and Squire Mattheus made fine pizzarye and merry tyme was had by all.

The knight led his layde to the parapet and they gazed upon the bejewelled ocean lite by moonbeams. That Knight, Sir Peter James, did go on bended knee before his layde and kissed her faire hande, “It is thee for whiche my heart cries, my layde”. “Rise, Sir Knight, for thou art indeed a king and how shall a king kneel before his layde”?  “Yea, my layde, it is true as you say, but shall a king not bow before a goddess”? “Indeede My Lorde thou art a king, but I am not a goddess; I am thy layde”.

That knight tooke his layde by hand and they felt the sands beneath their feet and the cool seeye washing over them. They journeyed into the waters and that Knight held his layde close; she gazed upon his eyes and beheld the stars within, “My Lorde she cried, I love thee with a love that no woman has ever loved. Sir take thy woman to her heavene I implore thee; my bed awaitith for my Lorde and I”.

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A Year of Fulfillment


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Hello to all my family, friends, followers and readers.

I am excited, as I’m sure you are, that today, January 1st 2019 has dawned.

I am convinced that as the ancient scriptures say, “….there are three things that remain – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is love”. (1Cor.13:13).

There is no doubt in my mind, that when we have faith in the accomplishment of our dreams – they will come to pass. If we are blessed with the gift of faith, then we are rich.

However, where our faith is weak, there is always hope. Hope keeps us moving through the suffering, pain, loneliness, loss, fear and the many other human traumas that we experience along life’s long rocky road. Hope gives us the strength to push on.

Yet, it is said in these words of wisdom that faith and hope will pass away in due course and the only one to remain, will be love. Of course, the love that these words of wisdom speak about is not the romantic love that is so exciting when we experience it; it is not the love we have for our Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, but it is the love we have for ourselves, our fellow humans; the gratitude we experience for the world in which we live in and also the many different experiences we go through in this life.

The mystery in discovering this Love, that the ancient words speak of, is found in in it’s advice to: “…….ask and you will be given what you ask for, seek and you will find, ….” (Matt. 7:7).

Have you ever asked for love, to come and live inside you, to become part of you? If love is the only lasting quality, then you are wise to ask for it, wise to search for it.

My hope for you is that this year of 2019 will be the best year of your life, that all your dreams will be fulfilled, that you learn how to negotiate the rocky parts of your journey through life, with peace, joy and contentment in your heart.

Above all, I wish that you will find the great everlasting love.

All rights reserved sirpeterjamesdotcom©2019-01-01

Please Note:

I will not publish articles on this site until until end January, 2019 as I shall be taking a much needed break from all my usual activities, which include my business and writing.

If you feel this article has value, please send this link to others, Writings are meant for people, not for dormant files in our computers and very often when we share them, it results in positive changes in the lives of individuals and communities.
If you are spiritually inclined see my other site; http://www.adcrucemchristi.com
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Cultural Blends & Homesickness – Hanoi, Vietnam

You are a brave young man Dan; because of this you will reap the harvest of a great life. I’m told that when you leave your home country, it takes 24 months before you lose the homesickness – but you surely made the best move…..

I apologize in advance for this not being a humorous post. As I wrote a while ago, I moved away from my home country to pursue a fantastic career opportunity. I haven’t written about life as an expat because I’m not entirely certain if my readers would find it interesting & because mostly, everyday life isn’t entertaining or amusing. Having said that, I wrote this because this is how I felt while I was in Hanoi.

Hanoi is the capital & second largest city in Vietnam. The city is an incredible blend of east & west. While there are many cities with unusual & fascinating blends, Hanoi seemed to have caught me off guard. The old French architecture is fused perfectly with Vietnamese culture & way of life. I absolutely loved sitting at a street side restaurant, sipping a Saigon beer & watching the world go by.

20181116_110600 Saigon Special…

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Things I have learned Along Life’s Way – Part Three

The Watcher.

The Watcher always looks at every aspect of life from a distance, as an observer, if you will. Never becoming caught up in anything, always watching from a distance.

A teaching of Eckhardt Tolle – “The Power of Now”.


The Watcher

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