Goddess Tour to Egypt


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An Interview with Michelle Leske – Tour Coordinator

“Michelle Leske, thank you for the opportunity of being able to interview you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of your website; it was filled with loads of facts and thankfully no waffle. With beautiful media, and full descriptions of what one could expect from the tour, I felt like I wanted to make an immediate booking.

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Ten


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Sylvia Rose’s Story is a series, published monthly. Why not start at Chapter One?

Things My Mother Taught Me

I am going to try and give you some insight into this amazing woman and the deep impact she has had on my life. I feel privileged to call her my Mom. Although we live in different countries, we speak every day. She has always been fiercely protective of her children. Nobody comes between my mother and her children, she is still like that today. She wasn’t scared to take on ANYONE if they hurt her babies. She would take on the principle for unfair punishment and treatment, to your ‘best friend’s’  mother for not taking good enough care of her angels at the friend’s house!

My mom was born in Zambia on a chilly evening on the 7th of May, Victory Day 1945 . Her mother gave her the name, Victoria as a second name to celebrate this momentous day in history, her birth and the end of the Second World War. Beautiful right!!

Her father was delighted to welcome a girl after two boys.

My mom, was the apple of his eye from the very beginning. He celebrated with champagne and cigars, as is the tradition… They continued to have a very close Father & Daughterrelationship until his untimely death when she was 9. I don’t think my mother never fully recovered from his death.

She grew up to be the most beautiful, fun loving and cultured woman amongst all of her siblings. She loved the opera, reading, literature and her dress sense could not be compared.

That is the simple introduction to my amazing ‘Momz’i (as I call her) She is strong, resilient and caring. Faced with so many very tough situations in her life, however she remained steadfast. A woman I aspire to be, and in some small way I would like to believe I have achieved some of her attributes. I am grateful.

My mother’s life motto, be kind to everyone you meet, love more than you hate and embrace every situation with a sense of expectancy. Your smile might save someone’s life.

Okay, so let’s get down to what my mother taught me.

A pure unadulterated love for literature;

I own more books than shoes or outfits, I sadly did not inherited her dress sense….But she taught me from a very young age to appreciate and explore different literature, our local library became my second home. She would read a story to me almost every night. We still shared these special moments even when I learned to read, then I Bookswould read to her. It was a sacred time we shared and that firmly grounded me to become an avid reader, and later on an amateur but keen writer.

Respect every person you meet, until they prove unworthy of your respect….

She once recited a story to me about a Professor who put a twenty-five mark question on a paper that was out of a hundred marks. The question was, what is the name of the lady who cleans this lecture venue. The students afterwards were outraged, how could he pose such a stupid question that counted 25 marks that seemed irrelevant to the very complicated mathematical subject. He simply replied, in life you need to appreciate every person from the CEO of the company to the lady that cleans the toilet. The degree means nothing for your cycle of life unless you master this art. Education must be holistic, nothing worse than an educated self-centered fool. That story has stuck with me. I have relayed it to my children and their friends so many times. I love the fact that they have embraced it and do the same thing wherever they go. I know every cleaner on my floor and their life situations, which I ask them about regularly.

She taught me to,” get up, dress up and show up, no matter how you feel, And that it’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed (that advice has saved me many times).

About good food, that was a sensitive topic….

She gave me an appreciation for good food (my family hate me for sending back shockingly prepared food at a restaurant). Although, I won’t lie; the time she went on a Cordon Bleu cooking course and we were her guinea pigs, was a little hard….

How to make friends with random strangers….

About a month ago, I was in a shop with my girls looking at things. A lady came in looking for Hamsa earrings. The shop assistant said they unfortunately didn’t have any. I piped up and said there was a pair on the shelf that I had just been looking at. We struck a conversation about the relevant item and proceeded to have a half an hour conversation about the Hamsa symbol and how it is prevalent in all religions. After which time we exchanged numbers with the promise of getting together for coffee in the not too distant future.

Oh for the love of music….

One of my Mom’s most treasured items, after her immaculate wardrobe was her LP collection of every opera that you could imagine.

I love about 10 different genres of music from Opera to Eminem… I remember as a teenager after a heavy night out, my brothers and I were rudely awoken to the sound of Edith Piaf at full volume on a Sunday morning. It did NOT bode well with said hangover….

The love plants….

My mother had an incredible garden when I was growing up. It was always the envy of everyone that visited. She nurtured her plants with same passion and love she had for her children, I also have to mention that I was at times requested to go out with an umbrella to ” save” the standard roses against hail and torrential rain. But what it gave me was a deep passion for the love of all types of plants. She taught me how to care for a variety of plants. And it has stood me in good stead. I have been known to save Flower Gardensplants that to the naked eye look dead…Today, after waiting over 20 years, I own a huge garden that begun as a blank canvas onto which I created a beautiful garden that reflects me and my personality.


Make a home in your heart for the love of art…


The Louvre

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

I was from a very young age exposed to varying types of art, my mother would love taking me to all different art museums, galleries and the theater. I have imparted this love to my girls. On my recent trip to Dubai, I was privileged to visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The art work is rotated between Abu Dhabi and Paris. A first of its kind. Visit their website if you are interested in art, it is truly awe inspiring. But as I walked the passages  admiring all these famous art works, all I could think about was how my mother would love to see this. Although, afterwards I didn’t feel too guilty knowing she had visited the Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery.

I could go on about the things my Mother taught me.

However, to sum it all into one sentence, she gave me a holistic life, that no main steam family could have ever given me, apart from her lack of interest of me and my sport… I forgive you Momzi. I love you to the moon and back. I am thankful for the very important things you taught me, Thank you so much. I love you more than words could ever express.

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The Gravy Train – Part Two


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I finished off Part One, last week with this statement:

How do you make your lap available?

It’s a very simple process called, ‘looking for opportunities’. Once you embark on this process, you will be nothing short of astounded by the amount of opportunities that cross your path, almost every second of the day.

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The Gravy Train


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You and I are living in one of the most exciting ages in history.

Do you agree with this statement and does it excite you?

This is the age of discovery – discovery in almost every dimension of our daily lives. Science, anthropology, the human mind, medicine, human behavioral science, earth and environmental science, mechanical science etc. the list seems to be endless.

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Chevy Lane – Food Experience with a Difference


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A Restaurant Review – Not Sponsored

We decided that we just felt like having a burger and Spur seemed like an obvious choice……..

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The Perfect Wife


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A Poem By SirPeterJamesdotcom.

Dedicated to his love, the Ladye Scarlett, a virtuous Woman.

(with extracts from Proverbs 31:10 – KJV).

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Wits fostering entrepreneurship?


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A great article EJR and typical of your style, hard hitting and to the point.
SMME’s are a powerful tool in the relief of the jobless in our country.
You have a good collection of topics and an effective grasp of writing style. Well done.

The archive of Elizabeth-Jane

Who is your target market? Do you have contacts that can give you access to capital? Do you have a space or a location to sell your product? These are the age old questions any new business has to answer before it can even start up. For the young student entrepreneur many of these answers point to the Wits University community and its campuses.

8_EntrepreneurshipFeature 1.JPG The piazza in front of the Wits Great Hall is a large open space that can be used to expose student entrepreneurs.                                                                                                           Photo: Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose

It’s not hard to imagine: Wits’ large open spaces…

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Slice of Life: It is just a game after all, right?


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It is comforting to know, that young people are being given opportunities, via our universities, to freely express their discoveries in life.
What is important, in a world seeking peace, is that we are raised to not judge our neighbors on the basis of difference, whatever form it may follow, but rather to see opportunity and benefit in those differences.

The archive of Elizabeth-Jane

Originally published in Wits Vuvuzela on October 5, 2018


Football is the most watched sport in the world with a fan base of just under 4 billion people. The game is believed to have originated in England in 1880 but is today a global sport officially played in 211 nations through the international association FIFA.

With roughly half the world’s people united behind the beautiful game regardless of race, religion or culture, it is baffling to me that discrimination in many guises manages to find a way to disrupt this unity.

Belgium national football player Romelu Lukaku was born in Antwerp, Belgium to Congolese parents.

Lukaku’s experience is reflective of the ugly racism used to undermine and prejudice players of colour. “When things were going well, I was reading newspapers articles and they were calling me Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker. When things weren’t going well, they were calling me…

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Nine


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I didn’t come here to be average

Never Give Up 7

I have some fabulous news to share with you. In addition; to chat to you about perseverance and why you should not accept when people say you cannot do it. Yes, you can.

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Babies & Border Posts – Lilongwe, Malawi



You have come a long way young man and you will reach dreams beyond what you believed: Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Since I started this blog, I’ve had quite a few readers ask me questions like “The first time you left your country, where did you go?” or “What was your first international trip like?” The truth is that I don’t remember.

The best people to ask are my parents, Raymond & Kathy. Here is their answer.

Nine months pregnant Kathy, is starting to feel uncomfortable now and we expect that something should happen soon, by God’s grace. We are about 500km from the hospital that she has been booked into, but the Lord knows!!



Praise the Lord! Two weeks past the due date, Kathy and I are blessed with another little boy. We have decided to name him Daniel Stephen. His birth was another wonderful testimony to the Lord. Although Daniel was the heaviest of all the children, his birth has been the easiest. The doctor, a precious…

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