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Bach 3


You are led

           through your lifetime

by the inner learning creature,

          the playful spiritual being

 that is your real self.

          Don’t turn away from

 possible futures

          before you’re certain you don’t have

 anything to learn from them.

        Bach You’re always free

    to change your mind and

        choose a different future, or

       a different



There is

      no such thing as a problem

without a gift for you in its hands

     You seek problems,

because you need their gifts………

Richard Bach – from his glorious bestselling book, “Illusions”

Bach 2

Clarence the Caterpillar


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Catepillar to Butterfly


Once there was a young and very hairy Caterpillar, called, Clarence, who lived on the jungle floor. The world around and above him was filled with many, many different and often, dangerous creatures. Whilst there was an abundance of food and water around, there was the equally good chance of being food for many other creatures. Continue reading



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Harry Martinson 1931


A group of children play here – the wind cleans the sky,

the clouds dance.

Someone flings rocks, someone helps an ant home,

someone throws the hazel spear through a spider’s web;harry Martinson

Some caress lovingly – a boy and girl,

explore the skin’s smoothness, blush red,

feel giddiness, kiss with red mouths.

The wind cleans the sky, the trees sway,

The children dance in unison – in group ecstasy.

Male and female buds live on the trees;

from the same trunk they emanate all around.

The wind, the wind! The Children, the children!

Don’t bring Lenin in here, don’t bring Ramakrishna,

Come with humility

Learn the important improvisations of wildness.

New origins are born with each child.

Come! the sea murmurs

Almost wild children – a thousand possibilities

Play marbles on the shore.


‘The Procession of Memories’

Selected Poems 1929-1945

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Sapientiam Quaerere


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How many of us are looking for something?

Wealth, health, longevity, better looks, more knowledge, better employment, more successful business. These and countless others are on most of our shopping lists.

Have we any idea the extensive lists of motivation, training, coaching, education and self-help that’s out there, waiting for us to collect our share and drop into our shopping basket?

To say nothing of all the books, magazines, videos and such that are all offering:

Bigger, better, best….

But there are no offers out there to teach wisdom.

Ah yes there are those spiritual denizen’s who will lead you to the bible where resides much wisdom and in fact the only guide as to where wisdom is found.

But wisdom cannot be taught and whilst we can be wisely taught, we cannot Wisdombe taught wisdom.

Looking at history, we can come up with many names of people who were wise beyond their peers; just to name a few of these:  Mahatma Gandhi, Aristotle, Socrates, Solomon, Jesus of Nazareth, Gautama Buddha, Florence Nightingale, Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela.

I doubt that any of these had graduate certificates on wisdom, yet they were, by any standards, wise.

The simple fact is that wisdom can only be found.

Where the is wisdom found?

Wisdom is found in our innermost being, where those that search for it, find it, listen to it and apply what it tells them into their lives. 

There’s more…. A person who is wise attracts others, who desire what the wise person has. These begin to seek and because the law says, “Seek and you will find” – they find it.

Imagine a world with only a quarter of its population filled with wise people….

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It’s such an amazing miracle; what happened to me last Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th March. On Friday night (15th March) during a Holy Spirit Impact session at our church I just started crying deeply, and cried and cried; so much so, that my clothes were all wet! So much water streaming out from everywhere in my face, just from deep inside. During that whole night I just wept so much! On Saturday morning it was like a lion roaring inside me… and this pain, tears, everything that was bottled up just came rushing forward like a volcano erupting. Later that day I realized the big lump that I had in my throat was gone, the pain in my shoulder bone from the thyroid swelling was gone!

Ronelle Goiter

Ronelle Goiter March 11 2019

On Monday the 11th, prior to this healing happening, I went to Radiology in Paarl. No cancer, just many nodules on my thyroid. My doctor said there’s no liquid in it, so it can’t be drained, it’s gotta be surgically removed. He then did a blood test and said on Friday 15th that my thyroid’s count is normal, not high and not low, so no medication. It has to be cut out.

Ronelle Healed March 16 2019

Well, on Saturday the 16th I was healed! So much pent up pain and emotions inside me caused my thyroid to grow and grow and grow, it caused a major lump in my throat and my neck to swell badly, like you can see on the photo taken on the morning of the 11th March.
It was like a very tight belt around my neck, being released. My thyroid would cause me to choke as it was swollen and painful inside at the back of it and all round, causing my neck to swell and pain into my collar bone.
This week on my holiday I went snorkeling with seals, I did lots of things, solo camping in my tent, hiking on Table Mountain, and the pain never came back again. The swelling is gone, no longer necessary to be operated on! YAY!   
All the pent up emotions way back from 2004 when I lost my womb…. Hopes dashed of ever having children….Since then I’ve been suppressing emotions; even during and after my Robin’s sickness & death last year. 

People keep the emotions bottled up… As the adage goes: Cowboys don’t cry. But the body gets sick from all the pent up emotions. Then its like a volcano erupting… Pressure building up. We should ask our Heavenly Father to help us release the toxins, the built-up emotions in our bodies… So our body can purify and heal itself from within. 

Last week I went back to my doctor and he was so touched with the remarkable recovery that he got all teary eyed. He said when I saw him in December 2014 about my thyroid it was bigger that it is now! It was dormant all these years until 2018.

So, it is SUCH an amazing awesome miracle that happened! Hallelujah! All PRAISE to You, AbaH! 

(First photo, in blue, taken on the morning of the 11th, just before radiology test and second one (in white & red) taken on the night of the 16th, after all the release)


Published with the permission of Ronelle, for your encouragement.





The Long Haul


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Almost casually, my Son mentioned to me that he was flying down to Cape Town from Johannesburg to ferry a pick-up truck and drive it to his home in Johannesburg.

Typically, alarm bells went off in my mind. I expressed my concern about him attempting a journey like this on his own. A journey, in this case, which would beMap_of_the_N1_(South_Africa)_with_labels.svg traveled mostly at night. The N1 Arterial carries 300,000 vehicles per day and is the second longest road in South Africa, some 1900 kms (1200 miles).

Without giving it thought, I offered to assist with the driving; After a couple of weeks my Son accepted the offer and bought me an airline ticket to Cape Town.

The airline brought me to Cape Town at 11.30 am on a Friday and by 1pm, my Son and I were on the road to Johannesburg!

After the death of my eldest Son to a long-suffering, rare cancer, it was good to spend time with my remaining Boy, however taxing, the drive.

In short, we drove 1400kms (870Mi) in the space of 13 hours, only 4 of those in daylight. Our only stops were for fuel and for take out coffees and toasted sandwiches. I drank 8 cups of coffee along the journey (ordinarily I drink only one cup in the same Engen Wimpytime frame at home, so my eyes were wide open continually)! I don’t drive at night in the normal course of events, when I’m home, primarily because I am partially blinded by oncoming headlights. But I knew many family members and friends were praying for us as we drove though the dark.

A few years back, I would have considered the trip a nightmare, but this time, I loved every minute. We chatted and laughed a great deal. All the while the South bound traffic was passing us at approximately 120 vehicles per hour consistently, 90 % of which were heavy goods vehicles, to say nothing of the slow-moving vehicles moving Northbound (ahead of us). Finally, we arrived home at 3.30am Sunday morning.

We live in a time where much of the population complains, even violently, about the economic, political and poor governance of our country. Among the many complaints is that of the condition of our roads and behavior of lawless drivers – the list is endless.

In closing let me say that every day I extend my gratitude for everything in my life and that includes the roads and other drivers.

On this trip, I would like to say thank you to our Roads Agency for the excellent road surface on the 1400 kms. of the N1. The clear reflective markings on the road, which made driving a lot safer in what was a very dangerous driving condition. The provision of splits in the road that allowed for the overtaking of slower vehicles.

Thank you to the truckers, who do not have an easy or safe livelihood, for their amazing courtesy (headlamp control, moving over where possible).Truckers

Unless it was in the case of great importance, as this journey was, I should not like to do that journey again and I am so grateful to our airline pilots and crew who make flying in our country, safe and comfortable. The airline companies, through their initiative, making flying affordable, enabling me to continue using their services in the future.

“For those who choose to be grateful for that which they have, great is the reward of what will come to them in the future”.

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Air Force & Public Buses – Goa, India

For those of us who don’t do the ‘High-Ride’ in adventure, reading of Dan’s travels is a nice armchair way of experiencing something uniquely different. Well done Dan and keep up the posts, they’re great!

India. A country so unique & fascinating that all the words in my vocabulary could be used to describe it in some way & somehow that description would fall flat. Some people do a very good job at summing up their time in India, I was so awestruck that I don’t think I can. I’ll stick to telling one short story at a time.

We had stayed in Mumbai for a few days & had just flown in to Goa. Apart from taxis, bicycles & tuk tuks, we hadn’t used any other transport in India. Standing just outside the arrivals hall were dozens of taxi drivers offering their services at an astronomical price. My brother & I had planned to use the bus from the airport to Panjim & set out to find the bus stop. We never use busses in our home country &, therefore, neither of us were…

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Dreams Are Good


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I have a habit.

I love dreaming, not talking about the sleep kind, I’m talking about drifting off at various times in the day, whether it be whilst I’m working, eating, driving (be cautious Daydreamwith this one), eating and so on. Sometimes, embarrassingly,  I even drift off whilst in the company of family and friends. I believe the official title for this practice is, ‘day-dreaming’.

I can distinctly recall that this habit started, from the time of my best recollection of life’s experience, at seven years of age.

It got me into a lot of trouble in the classroom, my teachers said, “John is a dreamer, he is inattentive and lacks concentration”. The dinner table was much the same experience.

So where does an avid dreamer go, when they disappear off the radar and go into that mysterious place of ‘dreaming’? You may recall the lyrics from Peter Sarstedt, who asked the same question:

“But where do you go to my lovelyPeter Sarstedt
When you’re alone in your bed?
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do”

As a certified dreamer, I say ‘certified’ because a Psychiatrist diagnosed me ADD and on that day my personal dreaming gave me medical classification.

But for those who are serious about dreaming and are not put off in the slightest about medical labels, let me answer the question; where do I go to when I drift off?

I enter the fantastic world of creation. Where I am the creator of the script and direct the characters on the stage of my award winning play.

Mostly my creation has it’s outlet in writing; short stories (whilst I learn how to stretch them into novels), poetry, and reviews. But once I started to log my daily creativity in all its various forms and the flow of opportunity that moment by moment entered into my life, I realized, that creativity has no limits with me.

My conclusion is this: For all my life, I have been going into the wonderful world of creating in my mind and if this is ‘dreaming’, I don’t want it to ever stop thank you.

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Adapt or Die!

Adapt or Die 3

If we don’t adapt to our environment, whether this is geographical, political or socially speaking – we won’t necessarily die physically; but what is almost certain is that we will die to such important issues as opportunity, excitement, discovery, fun and I’m sure you could think of many more.

All earthly beings face the issue of change, moment by moment, in their lives. There are many constants in the lives of humans, for example: night and day, taxes and changes, just to name a few.

Changes WILL take place, whether we accept or reject them.

Adapt or DieWhat is of singular importance is; how we deal with the changes. Someone once said, “It’s not what we experience that’s important, it’s how we deal with the experience”.

Take, for example the experience of viewing news-feeds on TV, the internet. Media, like any other commodity in the world, must sell; if it doesn’t, then it loses market share. Strangely enough negative news sells much better that positive.

Any intelligent and forward-thinking individual would investigate news items before buying into them, especially with the above in mind.

Getting back to ‘Adapt or Die’; at present our country is facing daily ‘load shedding’ of the Utility in the distribution of its electricity and according to media reports, this promises to affect our water supply, as pumping stations operate on electricity.

Our media is having a crazed time of broadcasting ‘doom and gloom’ to the nation.

Whomever you talk to, only wants to address this subject, ad nausea. Complaining about the Government and the “incompetent” Utility. The ‘blame game’ has become a national sport.

Adapt or Die

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Bottom line is, if we don’t adapt we will die.

I am not certain of what the solution is, but I am certain of this:

If every person set about a 21-day (time required to form a new habit) project of:

  1. Each evening, finding just three things that they can think of and say, “I am grateful for…” Write these down in a notebook.
  2. Express gratitude for what our Government/Utility does provide and write this down in the notebook.
  3. Do not listen to any negative stuff, whether it comes from news-feeds or individuals.
  4. Get a small strip of bright red material and place this in your pocket or purse. Every time you meet someone who speaks negatively or complains about the Government/Utility, wave the piece of material in front of their eyes and tell them about the project you’re on.
  5. Share this blog on your Facebook page and with family/friends.

Finally, sit back and watch the current negative situation change.

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