4 quick eco-friendly bathroom items to reduce our plastic consumption

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The climate crisis is indeed a crisis that demands our immediate action! If we leave it and think someone else will do it… we won’t have a planet left to save. There are thousands of people around the world that are doing something or creating something every day to make a difference in our fight against climate change. They’re either starting an NGO, creating something sustainable, or by simply greenly revolutionizing a known product. There are simple ways to make a difference, obviously, we aren’t all millionaires that can save the Amazon forest immediately. Recycling, removing plastic from your life, educating others and greenly living your life.

The word sustainability has evolved throughout the 21st century, now it incorporates the need to develop sustainable models necessary for both the survival of humans and the planet.

There are hundreds of items that we use daily that are not completely recyclable…

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A World of Difference


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Are we not fortunate to be living in a world where every single thing that is within and surrounding us is different?

Whether you choose humanity, flora, fauna, geography, seasons, time, weather and garden-of-paradisenatural phenomenon, you will see difference.

If this is not startling enough, then just be still and open your eyes, not only your physical eyes, but your mental eyes as well. You will come to see, after a while, that there is not only difference in everything, but there is absolute perfection in all the differences.

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My African Safari


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How interesting is it that deep within all of us, there is a yearning for seeking the wilds; the wild outdoors where we sense connection with creation.

For those who are raised in the cities, the fast moving people, even faster moving traffic, sounds of the human, of machinery, it is a life that only knows one definition, ‘noisy rush’. It starts early in the day and continues with slow diminishing until the late night, where nearly all will come to a place of stillness. A stillness that will only exist for few hours, before, once again, she is swallowed up in the cacophony of the new day.

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Jessica and Pieter-Jacobus


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Boer War


All the while she gazed out her upstairs window – the bright moonlit Transvaal winter’s night revealed a fantasy landscape before her. It was a stage upon which she could set the actors as she wished. Continue reading

The Art of Sabrage


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“Sabrage /səˈbrɑːʒ/ is a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a Sabre,[1] used for ceremonial occasions. The wielder slides the Sabre along the body of the bottle to break the top of the neck away, leaving the neck of the bottle open and ready to pour. The force of the blunt side of the blade hitting the lip breaks the glass to separate the collar from the neck of the bottle. One does not use the sharp side of the blade. The cork and collar remain together after separating from the neck.”  Wikipedia

The origins of Sabrage are said to have come from Napoleon’s troops who received gifts of Champagne from people as they rode from their victory ground. They could not open the bottle with one hand on the reign and used their Sabre’s to dislodge the bottle tops.

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A Pick-n-Pay Experience

I have often heard that Pick ‘n Pay ran competitions where one could win a month’s worth of groceries and wished I might be a lucky winner.

One day, Stella and I were debating as to whether to leave the comfort of our apartment, go out into the cold and do some shopping. Should we go local and that way return to our home sooner rather than later, or travel to the mall and make a morning of it.

We both needed issues to be resolved at our respective banks and decided that we might apply ourselves to the task of grocery shopping at the same time. In the light of this, we opted to brave the cold and travel to the mall.

Bank efforts took much longer than expected (why were we surprised?), by which time my stomach informed me that it was way past tea-time.

We opted to go to a Woollies for a croissant with butter and jam, along with a ‘nice’ cup of tea.

We were disappointed as the menu displayed the item, but we were told, it was ‘out of stock’. We made a second choice, which turned out to be a disaster.

We left Woollies disgruntled and went into Dis-chem and Stella asked why we were going into Dis-chem. “Shaving cream”, I replied. Why don’t we get it at Pick’nPay she asked? I thought for a moment and responded, “Good idea.”Pick 'n Pay

We walked into Pick’nPay and I asked, “Where would the shaving cream be?” Stella looked about thoughtfully and replied, “Down that aisle.” We marched down the aisle laughing and joking about our Woollies experience.

Along the way, we were approached by a young man, “We are looking for people to interview about their Pick’nPay experience, so we can use it for advertising on TV. If you accept doing the interview, we will give you a shopping voucher for R2500. Would you be prepared to be interviewed?”

I could not believe what I was hearing and began to cross question the young man to make certain I heard right. Stella said to the young man, “Interview him,” pointing to me. However, I was still trying to confirm what I’d heard. All the while Stella urged me to, “Go on John, you can manage that.” She was now raising her voice and laughing at the same time.

“Okay I’ll do it.” The young man looked happy.

Within what appeared to be only a few minutes, the camera team, complete with all their equipment, positioned me for the interview. A young lady tarted up my face and soon the camera was rolling. The young man began asking the first of his eight questions. He and the team seemed quite impressed. He said, “I never expected you to answer in this way – this is really great, he exclaimed!”Pick 'n Pay. 2jpg

After the shoot was done, amid reassurances that I was bound to make a continuity announcer on TV, we received our voucher; however, the team could not say if the King James Group would use the material.

Stella and I looked at each other awestruck!

As it happens, Stella and I are a retired couple and were a little tight on our food budget for the month. This windfall would be a big help in that regard.

Off the two of us went to tackle our shopping with new vigor and loads of laughter; we were like a couple of excited young children at Christmas time.

I looked around, not knowing what goodies to choose! Stella saw a bunch of Proteas – “These are beautiful.” she exclaimed, “Take them”, (We hadn’t bought flowers for ages) I waved my hand as if we had unlimited funds. She saw a little lamp she needed, “Take it”. I said in my most illustrious voice. We reached the Deli and I asked about a pie, which we hadn’t had for a while. “Let’s take two!” I cried. “Now, now, John. We just got R2500, not R25,000; stop getting carried away.” Stella retorted.

We laughed all the way down the aisles to the till point.

The joy we felt at our windfall was only exceeded by the wonderful way in which it had Pick 'n Pay. 3jpgall come together. We reasoned, as we chatted later; at any point along our journey we could have decided upon another route and would have missed this wonderful experience.

My wish had manifested – whats more….the cherry on the top was that the ad agency, King James, did use a clip and I appeared on TV!

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Behind Every Great Man……


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Behind Every Great Man...

Idiom circa 1900.

We were a small family group, spirits a little down, at having bid a daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece, ‘bon voyage’ on her flight to London; first leg of her new career after graduating her honors degree at Wits University.

We strolled the restaurant corridor at the airport concourse; for the most part Dr Tshepo Motsepe 2swallowing hard, some crying openly, remembering the sight of a little blond-haired figure slipping away into the security zone.

Unexpectedly, we were approached by a young man, with a broad smile, “Would you like to meet our President’s Wife?” For my part, I wondered if it was a hoax – I mean, who in this world, is approached, at a busy international airport by a young man offering an opportunity of this magnitude?

He led us to a group of people, judging by the number of children, it was a family. Amid the group was a petite unassuming lady, who graciously turned our way as the young man began introducing us, “This is Doctor Tshepo Motsepe, the President’s Wife” Because the expression is appropriate, I will use it – I was gob smacked!

A gentlewoman in every sense of the word, softly spoken with a radiant smile, she put out her hand, for us to shake.

Dr Tshepo Motsepe 3Whilst our family were introducing themselves, I looked around, expecting to see a large security force, armed to the teeth, glaring suspiciously at the strangers standing too close to their charge. Instead, I did see a couple of bodies that looked the part – smiling, as if they were amused by the obvious surprise at our extraordinary experience. The larger part of the group surrounding this charming lady, were children, all with beaming faces.

The idiom came about in the 1900’s as an effort to draw attention to the fact that famous men, never reached their pinnacle alone – there was always a woman who could be congratulated for their rise to fame, standing solidly behind them.

Tom Head, of “The South African”, reported in an article journaled by him (see link below) a few attributes of our South African First Lady.

I thought the most striking achievements of our First Lady (taken from Tom’s article) were:

  1. Doctor Motsepe gained her MBChB, (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) at the University of KZN
  2. She completed her Master of Public Health (MPH in maternal Child Health at Harvard School of Public Health.
  3. She comes from a family line of real success. Mrs. Ramaphoso is the older sister of South Africa’s first Black Billionaire, Patrice Motsepe. Her sister, Bridget, is married to the Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe.

The list goes on – read more in Tom Head’s article.

Doctor Motsepe, my Wife and I will remember this day, as will my family members, for as long as we live; may you and Mister President be anointed to rule over our country, bringing the peace and prosperity for which our Rainbow Nation has yearned.

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Six things you didn’t know about Tshepo Motsepe: SA’s new First Lady







You ADD Too?


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Sea Shore

“We spend time in our dreams, our special world where everything is on our side”


I dream of visiting faraway islands on distant shores, lying on a beach, engrossed in my favorite pastime – dreaming. Continue reading

The Rose


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Throughout history the simple rose, a beautiful fragrant flower, has been the source of much that has been written about life, love, beauty and fragrance.

Although the rose, like so much of nature’s gems, appears so defenseless against all of the elements of life, so easily crushed by these elements; roughly picked by less caring humans, she has a hardiness, known to many of her species, as they continue daily enduring to survive in their environment.

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Every Dog Has His Day…..


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“Every Dog has his Day and every Bitch – Two Afternoons.”

(American Proverb)



 There was once a dog, call “Dog” and his mate called “Bitch”.

They lived in a comfortable suburban home with their owners.

Every day started with a bowl of dog food porridge and every day ended

with a bowl of dry biscuits. In between they drank from bowls of water.

On Sunday’s they were given bones from the owners table, after they

finished their meal.

On being handed their bones,

Dog would run away and bury his bone, returning to snatch Bitch’s

from her, eating it and then saying, “Haven’t you heard,

‘Every Dog has His Day!’ Sunday is my day – ha! ha!”

The following Monday, whilst Dog was fast asleep dreaming of Doggy Bone Land,

Bitch searched until she found Dog’s buried bone, which she ate with relish,

carefully burying the remnants. The following afternoon Bitch dug up the

remnants and ate those too.

On Wednesday Dog went off happily to find his bone, which of course was

not there!

He was furious and snarled at Bitch, who responded nonchalantly; “Haven’t you heard:

‘Every Dog has his day and every Bitch two afternoons, haha!”

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