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Peter’s Quote for The Day.


“I’m full of nuts!” Feature Photo: by Hunter Gascon

I feel disappointed when something I was hoping for, does not come about. A voice within me said it is the word ‘disappointed’ that gets in my way.’ So I removed the word ‘disappointed‘ and replaced it with ‘satisfied and accept.‘ ‘Now I say, “When something I was hoping for, does not materialize, I accept the situation and I feel satisfied.”  I need to tell you, once I have accepted I feel so much more relaxed.

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Trail of Wilderness

Medieval Prose by

Youth in Wilderness

Along the trail of wilderness wandered I ,my heart did cry, who am, I who am I?

Yet no reply, no reply came to my reporte. Yet did the wind call in its flight yonder.

Is this the voice I seek, the voice of my thoughtse? Nay, surely not; the wind is but a knave seeking willful sporte.

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The Other Side of Bad Attitude


“Excuse me, that suitcase is mine” a very concerned gentleman with raised voice, lower down on the baggage conveyor said anxiously. “No sir, its mine”. I retorted, somewhat irritated by his attitude and particularly the level of his voice.

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