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Weekly Words of Wisdom


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What On Earth am I Doing?

I accept that my life is a very precious gift, for which I shall be eternally grateful. I am even more grateful my life has taught me so many useful lessons about living. Enjoying my living takes some of the mystery out of why I am here on this Earth. The inexplicable reason for my being on this earth has always driven me to search.

While I may have found many words written on how I must live my life on this Earth; there have been less by far of why I am on the Earth. The same source that quotes words on why I am on earth does not give me a definitive answer on going about that process.

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Wisdom has now revealed to me that it is not life’s meaning that is so important, but rather the living of my life each day, knowing whoever has the reason for me being on Earth, is content not to define this reason in precise terms.

Yet there are many expressions like, …”do not fear… Be not anxious…the birds of the air… the lilies of the field…” and many others. Why don’t I follow the wise words and cut the stress? In which case, why raise the question of, ‘why?’

As a result, I now love living.

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Trust Yourself, You Did The Right Thing


For what it’s worth I have found there is some commonness in the severity levels of events and how we humans respond to them.Dreams 8

One scale said that the following events stressed humans more than others (Laid out in order of their severity):

  1. Death of a loved one.
  2. Divorce.
  3. Moving.
  4. Major illness or injury.
  5. Job loss.

I, for one have suffered all these traumas and I’m certain there are those among you who have suffered some or all as well.

I mention this scale because I am convinced that few people appreciate what a trauma ‘moving home’ is. Greater still would be moving home to another country.

This is where ‘South Africans Moving to Ireland (SA2 Eire)’ features. I am most grateful for the people who founded and manage this site. To say nothing of those that populate it with their stories and requests.

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Write for Health

Hello to you all,

Here is a site with real wisdom; why don’t you visit Francisco Sáez’s site at:

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Why Write? – Part One

This is a Cost-free Course

With the background sketch out the way, (if you didn’t read the introduction, read that first, so that you can follow where we are going.)  let’s get down to the nitty gritty of – Why Write?

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