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Weekly Word of Wisdom

Druid's Glen Golf Course


My freedom is a matter of my choice, no one else on this planet can give me freedom. I might be released from prison, but that is not the essence of freedom, because there are those who, whilst imprisoned, experienced freedom. There are those who cannot find freedom after being released from prison or without ever having been in a physical prison.

I can be enslaved in multitudes of prisons in this life. Toxic relationships, soul destroying employment, poverty, fear, anxiety. The list is endless.

By contrast the quintessence of freedom is not found in multitudes of expressions. It is essentially in my state of  mind and it’s a state which understands; water flows in the direction of least resistance until, over  millennia, sometimes, overcomes the resistances in its path.

 I allow my mind to follow the line of least resistance, thus freeing my journey in flowing to my destination. Many times, in pursuing  that approach, I also overcome the resistances in my path.

Through all this, I am the captain of my ship and my decision must be final.

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Trail of Wilderness

Medieval Prose by

Youth in Wilderness

Along the trail of wilderness wandered I ,my heart did cry, who am, I who am I?

Yet no reply, no reply came to my reporte. Yet did the wind call in its flight yonder.

Is this the voice I seek, the voice of my thoughtse? Nay, surely not; the wind is but a knave seeking willful sporte.

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A Tailor’s Shoppe


Tailors Shoppe


Per chance, there was a day, when as I went, I espied, that there were a tailor’s shoppe along the waye.

Surely, I cried, this is the place that I should seek, to have those changes to my attire that I wish to make.

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Holi-Day of Sir Peter James and The Layde Scarlett.

 On a fayre day, that bold knight, Sir Peter James, did journey to the lands end in his trusty carriage, the Bee-Em-Thrubble-Ewe, with six trusty steeds at the fore.

He rode with his layde, The Layde Scarlett, Princess of all Albertinshire.

That bold knight did leane over to his layde as she slumbered to the rythyme of the swayeing carriage. He whispered to her eayr, ‘My Layde, my love for thee is indeed greatere that that of my lyfe, sleep on and rest thy soul”.

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“The energy of the Lovebird is an expression of the beautiful unconditional love that can exist between two soulmates. The attraction of soulmates for one another is extremely powerful and can transcend many apparent cultural or man-made obstacles – such as age, religion, race or sex.

The soul wants to bring the two parts of itself together and the two people involved feel the tremendous yearning to implode into oneness. However, part of the challenge of the soulmate relationship, is to love the beloved so unconditionally that one truly wants only that which serve him or her the most – and sometimes physical union is not appropriate. It is the greatest gift one can give another soul – to love that person so unconditionally, that one can discern when it is appropriate to claim the beloved for oneself, or when it is more appropriate to let go and slip away”.

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Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Four

Depression AJ 12


What’s Love got to do with it?


They say “self-love is the gateway to happiness”.

I’m writing this article under a cloud, yes I told you it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, and recovery is a daily battle. I don’t wake up every morning and feel fantastic, ready to conquer the world. But as promised “I’m showing up”.

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