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Think From Inside-Peter’s Quote for The Day.


Feature Photo By Belinda Fewings

Don’t Think Outside In.

For most of my life, I used to think outwardly. By comparison, a wise person thinks from the inside out. Thinking about events outside of me meant all events around me caused my thoughts to react. When I changed my thinking habits, I prepared myself to deal with all events in my life. If someone let me down at the last minute, I would have been angry and judgmental about that person. Now I say, I will make another arrangement, which will turn out better. My conscience is clear, and I’m at peace. I have little or no control over issues taking place outside of me. But I have every control over how I respond to these experiences when I think inwardly. How I react to these events will determine the power I have over my state of mind.

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Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

Theodore and Snowmen

Hello to All You Wonderful People

It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai!

I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand.

It all started with me seeing my very first ChristmasTheodore's First Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and a very big dazzling bright star right on the top of the tree. I saw so many colorfully wrapped presents under the tree and just wondered if one of those was for me.

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