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Prosperity-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

In times of my prosperity, I should have lived frugally; But I didn’t and it cost me dearly. The cost was the loss of my prosperity.

I was raised to conform to tradition and norms, thankfully I escaped from that prison, although the road was very rocky from there – But I made it. The secret was, I never looked back (truth is, I was afraid I’d turn into a pillar of salt!)

My mother used this expression often, “Be careful.” But I later learned it is better to be wise than careful. In fact, wisdom allows me to take risks whilst being careful and she always does so at exactly the right time, every time.

I wonder if accepting opportunities into my life isn’t like a day-long drizzling. Which results in me complaining about it instead of gratefully accepting it.

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Neelie’s Tuna and Macaroni Pasta for Two.

Neelie’s Tuna and Macaroni Pasta for Two.

Hello to all you special and VERY patient souls.

Here it is; Neelies Very first recipe for you to enjoy.

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