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Michael Collins – The Movie

Michael Collins

Feature Photo Michael Collins – The Movie

A Film Review by

Neil Jordan directs this film, and it stars Liam Neeson as the man, Michael Collins, Aiden Quinn as Hary Boland, and Julia Roberts as the romantic figure in both the lives of Michael and Harry.

The filming of this movie in 1996 took place in County Dublin and the city of Dublin. Filming also took place in County Wicklow, and a reshoot was done in New York.

The movie takes you back to the critical Irish history period of 1916-1922.

The film received many awards and was the highest-grossing film in Ireland. (4000 Irish pounds in 2000.)

There were many positives from critics around the globe and a few negatives. One of these is that certain of the scenes and statements made by characters in the film were inaccurate in terms of historical records. Jordan responded that filming time was limited, and in any event, most audiences needed a general idea of what took place, not the minutiae of Irish culture and history.

As a newcomer to this beautiful country and someone who has breezed through books and old films and visited a few historic sites, my local knowledge is somewhat limited. Therefore, the movie provided a fair amount of enlightenment about the establishment of the present Republic of Ireland and how it came about.

The performers were superb, the special effects were terrific, and the film was excellent. I considered my investment of three dollars ninety-nine to be the top value for my money.

Movie time was an hour and 33 minutes but I would not stake my life on this guess, though.

The storyline begins with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) surrendering to the British Army at the Easter Rising in 1916. Several key figures, Michael (Mick) Collins, Harry Boland, Eamon De Valera, and others, were imprisoned.

In 1918 in the Irish General Election, the Sein Fein Party was victorious. De Valera was elected president, Michael Collins, Director of Intelligence for the emerging IRA. The party then declared Irish independence unilaterally, leading to the Irish war of independence.

We now see the IRA coming into its own as Michael Collins launched his guerrilla tactics.

These tactics take you through the movie and a sprint pace. I wouldn’t comment on how much of the activity is true-to-life and how much is pumped up movie drama. But I would say that the man’s character, Michael Collins, was that of a sharp-witted, fearless man who went out against one of the greatest empires in the world with small numbers of poorly armed fighters. They were hopelessly outnumbered by the well-trained, well-armed British.

Michael Collins saw the chink in the British armor was their intelligence network, which he systematically destroyed, causing the British to call a truce.

Irrespective of your political beliefs, you cannot but appreciate what one man’s dedication, audacity, and intelligence accomplished against a mighty empire that had ruled Ireland with an iron fist for over 700 years.

To look at the whole storyline, you need to see the movie. You will be on the edge of your seat, so brace yourself.

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Ireland-The Quiet Man Movie


Feature Photo: The Quiet Man – Behind the Scenes Mostly Westerns

A Review by

Here’s a real oldie, shot in Ireland in 1952. The Quiet Man is based on a 1933 Saturday Evening Post short story by Irish novelist Maurice Walsh. The story was adapted for the movie by screenwriters Frank S Nugent and Richard Llewellyn. You may well ask, can there be an appeal for a 70-year-old movie in our day and age? My answer is emphatical, YES! Let me tell you why.

The Appeal.

Firstly it’s shot in Ireland – this means spectacular scenery. Green hills, quaint villages, streams, stoney roads, classic old choo-choo train, horse-driven carriages, and too many others to mention. John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara will be forever fresh and young, even 100 years from now. The storyline is oozing with romance and integrity that you and I can easily imagine for ourselves in today’s world. We have a break from the grim bloodied violence of today’s movies. The quality of both cinematography and sound are perfect. It only cost me 3.49 EUR, if I’d paid three times more it would have been well worth the money. At last, but far from the least of the film’s attributes; it is so humorous, you will be laughing most of the time.

The Story.

The story concerns a man, Sean Thornton (John Wayne), an Irish-born American, who comes to Ireland to seek the home of his birth in a village, White O’Morn, Innisfree, where he hopes to buy the small cottage which his parents owned. In the course of this pursuit, he encounters several obstacles.

The first is that of the altercation he has with Red Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen), who also wants to buy the cottage from a widow, Sarah Tillane (Mildred Natwick). Sean outbids Reds’ offer for the cottage and becomes its new owner.

The second hurdle, in the course of this saga, Sean meets Mary Kate (Maureen O’Hara)– who just happens to be Red’s sister. It’s love at first sight for both of them. But certainly not for Red. He hates Sean with a vengeance. Irish tradition however requires that before Sean and Mary Kate are allowed to be married, red must give his consent.

However, Sean makes friends with a rather influential character, Michaleen Flynn (Barry Fitzgerald) who is in collusion with the local village priest, Father Lonergan, (Ward Bond.) Between these two they think up several interesting ways to hook Red into giving his consent to the marriage.

The Marriage.

The marriage is no bed of roses, in fact, for Sean, no bed at all! It creates another traditional hurdle for Sean who is completely puzzled by the behavior of his Irish neighbors. In short Mary Kate wants Sean to collect a 300-pound dowry to be given her by her brother, which is rightfully hers. Once again, by tradition Sean is to ask his antagonist, Red for the dowry. This is the last straw for him and he flatly refuses. In reaction to this Mary Kate calls Sean a coward. What she does not know is, Sean was a champion heavyweight boxer in America. And because of his massive strength, he tragically killed a man with a single punch in the ring. He is not afraid of Red by any means, only fearful of killing him.

The Fight.

You’re itching to know what happens next, aren’t you? I’m sorry, but you have to see the movie to find out. What I will reassure you of, is this, it will be the best few bucks you’ll ever spend. Okay, I’ll give you a hint. Red and Sean end up having a classic fight. Fought along the Irish version of ‘Queensbury Rules,’ and a ring extending through the village and a river. In this Ireland, you will love and laugh every minute.

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The Science of Success

Wallace Wattles
Wallace D Wattles – 1860–1911
A Book Review
Who should read this book?

I rather like the way the author himself suggests who should read these pages:

“This book is practical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories.

It is intended for men and woman whose most pressing need is money; who wish to get rich first and philosophize afterward. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means, nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics, but who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action, without going into all the processes by which these conclusions were reached.”

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The Shift

Featured Image by Bing

A review of the video, produced by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who should view this video?

People who realize:

Ø  That there is more to life than just accepting your daily ‘lot’.

Ø  That they are stuck in a rut, growing older with their only future being to retire in the years ahead and start the process of slowly dying.

Ø  They desperately want to hope that there is an opportunity for them, before they leave the confines of this earth.

Ø  That even though they are young, they are not happy in their ‘chosen’ profession; they are looking for more.

Ø  They sense that there is a power, somewhere out there, that they are not tapping in to.

Ø  Their present relationship to a significant other is on shaky ground, whatever their age group.

This list is endless, but so far it’s a good start, because most of us reading these lines, qualify on a least three of the above points.

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Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah-Featured

The glorious best Seller by Richard Bach.

-Book Review-

What are you?

  • If you a dreamer who believes their dreams are coming true at any moment.
  • If you have smelled the dew drenched open fields of corn and hay in the early morning.
  • If you enjoy lying on your back, looking up at a gazillion twinkling stars in the country sky at night.
  • If you desire to walk on water, or swim across a ploughed field.

Then you qualify to read this book.

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This Little Britain

British Bowler

-How One Small Country Built the Modern World-

By Harry Bingham – A book Review

This read is a must for all Brits, and if you are naturally curious about the behavior, both past and present, of your global neighbors, then it’s a must for you too.

Harry Bingham is an accomplished author and writer of famed novels such as, Lieutenant’s Lover, Glory Boys and others.

Harry, in this, his first non-fiction write, demonstrates a truly unique skill in assembling historical facts about Great Britain over the last couple of centuries and making them read like a humorous novel, whilst never losing their stated significance in making Britain great.

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A Taste Of Calisto’s


Beef Trinchado


I am a great believer in publically acknowledging those people who provide me with good service and products.

My favorite Portuguese restaurant is Calisto’s in the south of Johannesburg in Mr. Mandela’s land of sunshine – South Africa.

Today, my partner Eileen and I popped in to Calisto’s for a lunch.

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Long Walk To Freedom


Nelson Mandela



The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

“The Autobiography succeeds because the vicissitudes Mandela has gone through, in the course of his life, are so dramatic that the reader cannot help responding to them as if to a fairy tale or moral fable of some kind. No hero of legend ever went through such protracted trials to arrive at such an improbable victory” – Dan Jacobson, Daily Telegraph.

The book is the autobiography of Rolihlahla ‘Nelson’ Mandela, more endearingly known by his tribal name – Madiba.

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….of Books and Movies

How often have you heard others say, ‘Don’t watch the movie, until you’ve read the book’, or ‘The movie was not anywhere near as good as the book’. Of course, most of us agree with these statements and their many variants.

Maybe we should agree, because there must be a measure of truth in each of these statements.

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