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Rainbows-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Gerhard Kupfer

Have you ever wondered why you can never catch rainbows? Heaven knows I tried many times. Finally, the truth hit home; rainbows always disappear as mysteriously as they arrive. The most wonderful part is though, I am always left with a strong sense of promise that better times are ahead.

The universe is ever moving, she breathes and sleeps as she moves. All within her must move with her there is no other option.

The trees bend in the storm because they know they will stand erect once again when the storm has left.

Actions I perform today, visible or not, may take many moons to reveal themselves, but reveal themselves, they will. This is a fact of life. This is Karma.

What goes around comes around.

We have all, at some time or other, heard or read the above proverb. I have no idea of the exact origins of the proverb. But it could have had some link to the ancient scriptures. Because these allude to the fact that what you sow, that you will reap. Surely this is commonsense to all of us. If I plant carrot seeds, I don’t expect to harvest apples, do I? included in the sowing and reaping principle, we have a graphic view of how the universe functions. Consider the theory of relativity, for example. Which says, in simple terms, what goes up must come down. None of us would argue the toss on this one, would we? So then, in short, however, we conduct our lives in this life will eventuate a return to us. Beneficial or damaging.

But this is not all. If I plant a corn pip, it would grow into a stalk, that will bear two cobs. If healthy and fat these two cobs can bear as many as two thousand pips! Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Lesson: Mind how you live your lives.

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Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Four

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I’m writing this article under a cloud, yes I told you it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, and recovery is a daily battle. I don’t wake up every morning and feel fantastic, ready to conquer the world. But as promised “I’m showing up”.

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