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I used to say, with some level of exasperation, “My life is filled with problems.” Did I mean, ‘My life is filled with issues that challenge my journey?’ Maybe I need to face the journey of life with the view that challenges must be laid across my path. This is in order to strengthen my character and resolve. In addition, to keep me heading in the best direction. If so, the way ahead would be for me to accept that with every challenge there is a purposeful solution. This purposeful reason comes about in the right season. I should condition my mind to accept the journey of life to be beautifully paved with challenges. This is opposed to my life being a chaos of ‘unsolvable problems.’ Surely it would be a more satisfying way for me to live?

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Bach 3


You are led

           through your lifetime

by the inner learning creature,

          the playful spiritual being

 that is your real self.

          Don’t turn away from

 possible futures

          before you’re certain you don’t have

 anything to learn from them.

        Bach You’re always free

    to change your mind and

        choose a different future, or

       a different



There is

      no such thing as a problem

without a gift for you in its hands

     You seek problems,

because you need their gifts………

Richard Bach – from his glorious bestselling book, “Illusions”

Bach 2