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Weekly Words of Wisdom Touch The Stars.


Feature Photo by Allef Vinicius

I once lived among a range of mountains. As a man of the city, I had never experienced such a time of peace and calm. So much so, I decided to wake up at whatever time I was awakened naturally. As a result every night I went to bed at, on or about, eight pm. (The generator was shut down at that time and there was no light.) Each morning I woke up anywhere between two and four am. I climbed out of bed, always fresh, and begun walking. This was my time to walk and pray. I cannot remember times of personal prayer as these. They were most powerful for me. But there is more… It was winter and the mornings were crisp and clear. I often lay on a small groundsheet and prayed looking up at the glorious universe with its myriads of star-filled galaxies. Then it came to me. How marvelous is the fact that the glory of the universe and its stars always fills the sky with light. (In the city, we never saw this glorious sight, because it was obscured by electric light.)

What this means is, our world is never in total darkness! Because, once we escape the city light and rise above the clouds, there is glorious light.

Whatever darkness I may experience in my life at any given time, there is a promise. My world will never be in total darkness. When the moment is dark, I remember the promise. Drawing the curtains of electric light and clouds aside – there the glorious light shines radiantly.

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Lockdown – Day 46



Politics is the breeding ground of the snollygoster politician.

Such breeding ground is not new to the universe, having originated in biblical times; its tentacles reach all over the world, no countries excluded.

It is driven by greed; but worse, it is the lust of humanity to exercise power and control over fellow humans. It is the worst and most dangerous virus in the world, having killed more humans than any plague in history.

Via the fear of a virus pandemic, we have been blinkered from seeing the real killer virus – a global economy ruled by snollygosters!

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A Letter to the Younger Me – Part Two

A Letter to 3

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child? Dreams and hopes, fears and sorrows. A child who seeks from those whose love and care is craved, just a smile, a word of approval, a touch of a hand, carried on a shoulder big and strong; lifted up and tossed into the air, then safely caught in strong hands…….

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child?

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