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Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Loving Life


Feature Photo By Debby Hudson

Seven Wisdom Snippets to Encourage you.

  • I experience opportunities every moment in my life. I pray for the sight to see them all and the wisdom to take hold of each one!
  • I am grateful that my life has blessed more than a few, so I will continue in this state.
  • My heart is the seat of my emotion. The love within in it longs to fill the souls of others.
  • I am not a captive to my environment, I create and innovate within my environment; and freedom flows from creating.
  • I always choose what works for me, this way I’m better equipped to help others choose wisely.
  • I have experienced loving and losing, but now I’m loving and winning, that’s better by far.
  • If I cannot welcome failure, I will not know how to welcome success.

Wisdom Snippets. Copyright 2021/06/23

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A House Divided against Itself – Part Two


The trip to Australia and the stringent interviewing process, which was conducted over three, sixteen hour, days was a real eye opener for the Father and ended with him and two others being thanked for their attendance and participation. The three candidates were told that they would be notified about the results of the interview within two working weeks and then they were taken to the airport.

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A House Divided Against Itself


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.

I believe this government cannot endure permanently, half slave and half free.

I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided”.

 Abraham Lincoln – In his speech to the Senate in June 16, 1858

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Letting My Son Go

Let Go

Wednesday morning 4.30 am, I lay awake knowing that today I will scatter my son’s ashes.

I force myself out of bed; dawn is breaking and I go out into the garden, where I laid my son’s ashes some weeks ago. Still in my pajamas, I lift my son’s ashes, in a tiny box, from under a rose bush and take them inside, placing them on the table. I stand, there, alone and dazed, not even able to think. There’s no one that I can turn to, no one that can hold me and comfort my shocked soul. Tears are falling, but I’m not crying.

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