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Self Improving-Wisdom Snippets From Peter


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 It is remarkable how the pursuit of self-improving myself has affected those around me. In addition, it has significantly altered my circumstances for the better.

I am searching for my uniqueness. The reason for this is because I accept, all I can offer those around me is the gift of my uniqueness.

I have, for some reason, never been a follower. From childhood, I was always a leader. Walking upstream is the way of leaders. Others follow the flow; it’s easier.

I am convinced that there is no obstacle in my life that will not be overcome by perseverance. Consider the earth, once a molten mass of lava. Over millions of years, the sea has progressively reduced many of the rocks to sand.

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Nine

I didn’t come here to be average

Never Give Up 7

I have some fabulous news to share with you. In addition; to chat to you about perseverance and why you should not accept when people say you cannot do it. Yes, you can.

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Part Six

Depression AJ 12

It is such a Mysterious Place, the Land of Tears

It is a secret place the land of tears (The little Prince – Antoine de Saint St Exupery).The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery is my favorite book, I have read it over 50 times, and still revert back to it today. For those that don’t know, it’s a story about a little Prince, his planet and a rose, with who he is in love.

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