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Weekly Word of Wisdom

Don’t Judge

“Before you judge another, walk a mile in their moccasins.”

At best, judging is a potentially harmful practice, at worst it offers no benefit, to either the judge or the one being judged.

The only people who should judge are Judges.

It has been my experience that judging others is easier for me than loving others; accepting them at face value and seeking to console, comfort, and encourage them. It appears that it is innate in me to see a difference in others and then pass judgment, labeling them too quickly instead of quitting that alien practice. My only hope for a remedy in my life is that I recognize the vile thought when it appears in my mind then change my attitude immediately. I’m grateful I am becoming stronger at removing it from me each day.

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Theodore Dingelberry

Theodore Dingelberry

Hello to all you wonderful people out there in the big wide world.

My name is Theodore Dingelberry and I am a travelling companion to my very close friend Antoinette.

Can you believe it? Here I am on my little red rubber dingy (especially made for me – I might just add) in a swimming pool at a very, ritzy hotel on the sea front – where? Wait for it – on holiday in Dubai, Yaaay!!!

Emirates JetI flew all the way over from Africa in this beautiful big silver jet. I sat with Antoinette in the cabin (no being stuffed away in suitcases with other little creatures that were travelling with us).

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