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The Lion

The Lion

The lion was a beast of gigantic proportions, yellow mane blowing in the cool breeze. His tail shaking its tufted end looked like a knobkerrie. A snarl revealed two rows of razor-sharp teeth as his fetid breath wafted through my mosquito net. I shouted or screamed, not sure which. Grabbing my pillow and making a threatening gesture, I yelled all the louder. He opened his great jaws, drooling streams of saliva. ‘Oh god no, he’s going to spring and crush me!’ Dragging my torn mosquito net, I dived into what looked like a ravine. Hitting bottom, I stared upwards and then awoke wrapped in the remains of the net.

Gasping for breath, bathed in sweat, and my heart thumping, I realized I had dived out of my bed onto the floor. Relieved that I was still alive and in my bedroom, I untangled myself from the net and went to the bathroom.

Later, still shaking and trying to swallow hot milo, I searched for a dream analysis on my computer. The dream interpretation of paying a severe price for a current furtive affair I was having; stared at me in the face.

The following evening as I opened the door for my girlfriend, who was coming to supper, she screamed at me. “You are a two-timing, no, a three-timing bastard.” Suddenly I felt a blow to my eye, and as I stumbled backward, a perfectly timed kick between my thighs dropped me to my knees!

It would have been less painful had the lion been real.

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Peter’s Quote of The Day

  1. I am a Lion by star sign. In my younger years, I took the title, “King of The Jungle” too seriously and began to take risks. Like the lion, who one day, away from his family pack, ran into seven Hyena, the hyena because of their number, decided to make him their next meal. He wisely opted for flight rather than fight and because of his superior speed managed to escape, but not without losing some flesh in the flight. The moral of this story is; it’s OK to be king and take risks, but be ready to part with some flesh along the way.

Feature Photo: by Joshua J. Cotten

Peter James

I love each new day; the advantage of waking up and finding I’m alive, and the fact that once again, opportunity calls from outside the covers. Its so worthwhile waking and having gratitude for being alive; because one day I will wake up and find I’m dead! On that day I shan’t bother to find out what’s outside the covers – I will know.

I am Author, Writer, and Blogger.

Whilst the titles might make me sound important, I am not. I love people and have a strong passion to encourage people and help them to love themselves.

Writing and publishing on my blog site is simply what I do.

What do I write? Over the years I have published, short stories, Inspirational articles, poems, reviews of books, movies, restaurants, and more.

Although of late I have focused more on ‘Words of Wisdom’ articles that invite people to challenge themselves as far as their self-development is concerned and these I publish weekly, under the title, “Weekly Words of Wisdom” on my blogsite:

Having had an excellent response to the “Weekly Words of Wisdom,” it makes sense to publish a daily, “Peter’s Quote for The Day,” in the hopes that you will, not only read it, but let the words be drawn into your very soul and finally, and most important of all – you will apply them to your life.

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If you feel this article has value, please send this link to others. Writings are meant for people, not for dormant files in our computers. Often, when we share them, it results in positive changes in the lives of individuals and communities.

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Mother Africa

I read this article on FaceBook Dec 13-20“WHAT AN AMAZING PIECE DESCRIBING SA. Despite being grateful to be in a country where there is basic safety for all, ohhhh the magic of Africa runs deep……. May my birth mother survive what is being done unto her, by those who do not know her value and do not appreciate her true beauty…

Author J. Ikin

I sit here quietly thinking about what it means to me to be South African, a visitor to South Africa or even African. It seems easier to explain the effect that this land has on me…

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Serengeti in Africa….

As something different this week, I am posting the work of two of the WhyWrte? course participants –

This is Jingaling’s contribution – enjoy:

Ecosystems anywhere, are worth going to. Why? You may ask yourself.

Let me tell you about my experience.

Being confined to a routine of work and home, a visit to the Serengeti brought me back to earth, showing me an amazing way of communicating and enjoying life by “just thinking”.

I always say “thinking is essential” to achieve what you want in life, both in your personal and business lives. This is common sense, I know, but I promise you, common sense does not always prevail in life today.

I learnt a little Swahili, as this is the official language of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Learning this taught me how to stay humble and also to never ever judge anyone that walks with you. By speaking the home language, ISwahili gained so much respect from Tanzanian people, that I felt like a visiting queen, however, I was anything but. I only managed to speak a few sentences to ensure that I could make myself understood and not talk myself into trouble.

Before the Lion King, hakuna matata was used in a well-known Kenyan song “Jambo Bwana” by ‘Them Mushrooms’. I was not aware of this, but people told me, and I found it interesting.

You must wonder why The Serengeti?

Well, it is Tanzania’s oldest game reserve, renowned as the site of the annual Great Migration, this is really no joke, but an estimated three million antelope – mostly wildebeest — migrate here. This in itself is amazing and somethingwildebeeste 3 to see. Which now that I have seen this with my own eyes, I have developed a love for this place.

In the Serengeti, the focus is on the big predators, of course. The lion is the star of the show, the animal that everybody wants to see.

The lions of the Serengeti reminded me that every person should adopt a lion image; Lions make themselves safe and are respected by other animals. Each of us should place ourselves where we can succeed and achieve our goals.

The African predators also remind us about the issue of conflict, which is something we all have in our lives and must learn from each experience in order to equip us in dealing with conflict when it comes around again.

Whilst the great predators of the Serengeti are responsible for strategy and seeming conflict, it is the more numerous hoofed creatures, populating the plains, that cheer the Serengeti’s remarkable setting.

The Serengeti is composed of stunning geography; the landscape is formed of rocks that intrude into the plains, which are like a sea of grass.

But the Serengeti’s setting is more complex than geology, because it includes life itself, a setting packed with the smaller creatures that enrich the landscape with drama but also with detail.

This is life, and seeing these animals do what they do, made me realize that life is a gem in itself.

In the end, it’s up to us, as humans, to preserve the structure of nature’s tale, the flow of our world’s story, and the significance of the creatures that share our world; for we are also part of the story, hence we must nurture and protect what we have been given.

I want to leave you with the following acronym, by which I live: “R.A.P”

R – Responsible

A – Accountable

P – Proud

As humans, we are responsible for our own actions, and we are accountable for those actions, at all times; but it does not end there, after being responsible and accountable , one must always be proud of one’s actions.

Stay safe and mentally healthy,


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My African Safari


How interesting is it that deep within all of us, there is a yearning for seeking the wilds; the wild outdoors where we sense connection with creation.

For those who are raised in the cities, the fast moving people, even faster moving traffic, sounds of the human, of machinery, it is a life that only knows one definition, ‘noisy rush’. It starts early in the day and continues with slow diminishing until the late night, where nearly all will come to a place of stillness. A stillness that will only exist for few hours, before, once again, she is swallowed up in the cacophony of the new day.

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It’s such an amazing miracle; what happened to me last Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th March. On Friday night (15th March) during a Holy Spirit Impact session at our church I just started crying deeply, and cried and cried; so much so, that my clothes were all wet! So much water streaming out from everywhere in my face, just from deep inside. During that whole night I just wept so much! On Saturday morning it was like a lion roaring inside me… and this pain, tears, everything that was bottled up just came rushing forward like a volcano erupting. Later that day I realized the big lump that I had in my throat was gone, the pain in my shoulder bone from the thyroid swelling was gone!

Ronelle Goiter
Ronelle Goiter March 11 2019

On Monday the 11th, prior to this healing happening, I went to Radiology in Paarl. No cancer, just many nodules on my thyroid. My doctor said there’s no liquid in it, so it can’t be drained, it’s gotta be surgically removed. He then did a blood test and said on Friday 15th that my thyroid’s count is normal, not high and not low, so no medication. It has to be cut out.

Ronelle Healed March 16 2019

Well, on Saturday the 16th I was healed! So much pent up pain and emotions inside me caused my thyroid to grow and grow and grow, it caused a major lump in my throat and my neck to swell badly, like you can see on the photo taken on the morning of the 11th March.
It was like a very tight belt around my neck, being released. My thyroid would cause me to choke as it was swollen and painful inside at the back of it and all round, causing my neck to swell and pain into my collar bone.
This week on my holiday I went snorkeling with seals, I did lots of things, solo camping in my tent, hiking on Table Mountain, and the pain never came back again. The swelling is gone, no longer necessary to be operated on! YAY!   
All the pent up emotions way back from 2004 when I lost my womb…. Hopes dashed of ever having children….Since then I’ve been suppressing emotions; even during and after my Robin’s sickness & death last year. 

People keep the emotions bottled up… As the adage goes: Cowboys don’t cry. But the body gets sick from all the pent up emotions. Then its like a volcano erupting… Pressure building up. We should ask our Heavenly Father to help us release the toxins, the built-up emotions in our bodies… So our body can purify and heal itself from within. 

Last week I went back to my doctor and he was so touched with the remarkable recovery that he got all teary eyed. He said when I saw him in December 2014 about my thyroid it was bigger that it is now! It was dormant all these years until 2018.

So, it is SUCH an amazing awesome miracle that happened! Hallelujah! All PRAISE to You, AbaH! 

(First photo, in blue, taken on the morning of the 11th, just before radiology test and second one (in white & red) taken on the night of the 16th, after all the release)


Published with the permission of Ronelle, for your encouragement.