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Failings are not Failure

Failure 3
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The overriding failure in my life was seeing my failings as a failure, when, in truth, they were simply steps on the ladder of my ultimate success.

I turned my life around, simply because it wasn’t working for me. I woke up to the fact that the reason for this was; I was living in my past.

It is said; with age comes wisdom. I’m not sure if this is true as I recall asking for wisdom, and progressively, over the years I was aware of growing in wisdom.

Wisdom has revealed to me; I can learn from my past experiences, I can plan for the future, but I must live only in this moment now.

Not only did wisdom come to me, it also brought along its close friend, adventure. How I know this is, I started to become exceptionally curious. Curious about everything not only of myself, but the world around me. This led to many of the most amazing discoveries I began to make in all the different aspects of my life.

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As a writer, I constantly crawl the net for information and am daily amazed at what I discover there.

Today’s technology has provided a mammoth library; the most dynamic ever established in the history of humankind. And, it’s largely free!

Along with this new experience, I began to practice self-development in many of its different forms; the discovery of me and how I can I improve myself.

Finally I established a daily routine of meditative prayer, meditation and mindfulness.

I never knew adventure could be both so exciting and interesting.

I see my life as ever-changing, each moment of every day and yet, the direction of my journey remains constant toward refining the relationship I have, the Spirit within me and I.

Thankfully, I no longer look to my past, as that door is firmly shut, yet I plan for my future, but above all – I live to the full in this moment now, there is no place like it!

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