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Fate-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Featured Photo by Tim Mossholder

What fate awaits us all, when this life is done? Above all, we are certain to die, sooner or later. By the way, this is an indisputable fact;  and still, none return to tell us about their fate. I wonder why?

My life is like a beautiful, never-ending dream; And it is such a joy, I never want to wake.

The need for daily moment-to-moment faith is a non-negotiable learning curve.

I wonder if this life of mine is a training course for a very much more advanced way of living?

If I look out on my surroundings, earth, the universe, I accept my mind has to enlarge to accommodate these.

I get the feeling that our Creator keeps a journal on every persons’ life. Not so-called rights and wrongs, but their joys, sorrows, successes, heartaches. Surely it is only this information that our Creator keeps in this journal?

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Write for Health

Hello to you all,

Here is a site with real wisdom; why don’t you visit Francisco Sáez’s site at:

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Becoming the Person you want to be – Part Two

Dreams 8

“Dreams and visions of what we see ahead for ourselves, become reality Daydream 2when we commit to applying them in the NOW.”

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Part Six

Depression AJ 12

It is such a Mysterious Place, the Land of Tears

It is a secret place the land of tears (The little Prince – Antoine de Saint St Exupery).The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery is my favorite book, I have read it over 50 times, and still revert back to it today. For those that don’t know, it’s a story about a little Prince, his planet and a rose, with who he is in love.

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Every single day, in so many ways, opportunities cross our path. Each time an opportunity happens to reveal itself you have (you guessed it) two choices.

  1. You take the opportunity and run with it.
  2. You let it pass you by.

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Dreams, Goals, Positivity


The very first blog that I ever published on my newly established site was, “The Person you want to be” and that was January 26 2017. I never knew Dreams 3anything about blogging and blog sites, but I had an dream to write and publish my own material. I made a commitment to publish an article each week and now, on January 13 2018, I have been able to publish in one year, 109 posts over two sites (In May 2017, I set up a second site, to publish my spiritual teachings).

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