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Jeff Goins – Webinar.

Hello All

 I received the below mail from best selling author, Jeff Goins yesterday.

For those of us doing the ‘Why Write?’ course, (this does not exclude others, you will always learn something – and it’s free!) I thought you might be interested:

 From: Jeff Goins <>
Sent: Friday, 27 March 2020 16:15
Subject: You need a daily writing practice. Now more than ever.

 Hello friend,

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been asking myself, “What am I going to do with this crisis?”

And I have to be honest with you: my answers vary from day to day.

When I take a moment to reflect on the opportunities and challenges ahead, I find myself falling somewhere in between despair and excitement.

It’s all a bit disorienting, isn’t it?

In this season, there has been one practice that has helped me stay grounded when everything else seems to be in state of constant change:


When I don’t know what I think about something, I write. When I don’t understand what I’m feeling, I write. When I need to get clear on my next step, I write.

Times like this force us to see what’s really important. And writing is the best way I know to facilitate that clarity.

But most people struggle to find the time to write or don’t know what to say. Developing a daily writing discipline has been the greatest gift I could give myself. And I’d love to share that gift with you.

Next Wednesday, April 1st, I am teaching a free webinar on how to create a daily writing practice with the ultimate goal of writing a book.

For nine years, I dreamed about writing a book and never accomplished that goal. And then when I discovered that simple discipline, I wrote two books in one year, quit my job, became a full-time writer, and have been doing it ever since.

What I learned from this experience is that you don’t write a whole book. You write a sentence. You write a paragraph. Maybe a page. And those pages turn into chapters. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you get a whole book.

It happens in small bites is what I’m saying—step by step, chunk by chunk—all built on the foundation of a daily writing practice.

After five bestsellers, millions of dollars in book sales, and over four million readers reached each year, I’ve created a process for writing. Every. Single. Day.

And I want to share with you exactly how you can develop that same daily writing habit.

To register for this free webinar, click this link (you will be automatically registered when you click).

Here are some more details about the webinar:

Date: April 1, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m. Central Time (7 PM South African Time – my addition)
Duration: 90 minutes

I hope you’ll join me for this free presentation. I can promise you that when you and I look back on this time, we will either be grateful for the habits we formed or sad about the opportunities we missed. And I can promise you that creating a daily writing habit won’t be one you will regret.

Just imagine, ninety days from now, looking back on this moment when you decided to start writing every day. It may mean the difference between having a book in your hands that you wrote or continuing to say, “I’ll write a book someday…”

Click here to register for the free webinar now (you will be automatically registered when you click).

Talk soon,


 P.S. Spaces are limited for the webinar, so it’s first come, first served. Make sure you register to save your seat and show up on time!

If you feel this will in some way help you – and there’s a excellent possibility it will, then register. If not, pass the link to others – who knows, you might just help to launch a best selling author.



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Dreams Are Good

I have a habit.

I love dreaming, not talking about the sleep kind, I’m talking about drifting off at various times in the day, whether it be whilst I’m working, eating, driving (be cautious Daydreamwith this one), eating and so on. Sometimes, embarrassingly,  I even drift off whilst in the company of family and friends. I believe the official title for this practice is, ‘day-dreaming’.

I can distinctly recall that this habit started, from the time of my best recollection of life’s experience, at seven years of age.

It got me into a lot of trouble in the classroom, my teachers said, “John is a dreamer, he is inattentive and lacks concentration”. The dinner table was much the same experience.

So where does an avid dreamer go, when they disappear off the radar and go into that mysterious place of ‘dreaming’? You may recall the lyrics from Peter Sarstedt, who asked the same question:

“But where do you go to my lovelyPeter Sarstedt
When you’re alone in your bed?
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do”

As a certified dreamer, I say ‘certified’ because a Psychiatrist diagnosed me ADD and on that day my personal dreaming gave me medical classification.

But for those who are serious about dreaming and are not put off in the slightest about medical labels, let me answer the question; where do I go to when I drift off?

I enter the fantastic world of creation. Where I am the creator of the script and direct the characters on the stage of my award winning play.

Mostly my creation has it’s outlet in writing; short stories (whilst I learn how to stretch them into novels), poetry, and reviews. But once I started to log my daily creativity in all its various forms and the flow of opportunity that moment by moment entered into my life, I realized, that creativity has no limits with me.

My conclusion is this: For all my life, I have been going into the wonderful world of creating in my mind and if this is ‘dreaming’, I don’t want it to ever stop thank you.

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