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Willy Chased Becky

Willy Bee

Short Fiction Children’s Story – Adventure4 min

Calgary Public Library – Story Lovingly, Willie by author Monika R Martyn, available online since 25 days and 17 hours – Willie chased Becky; she – Short Édition (

Monika R Martyn

Monika R. Martyn is retired, married, happy, and a minimalist. She has been published in numerous print and online magazines and recently honored with a Pushcart Nomination. The Lucky Man—An Act of Malice is her debut novel. Visit her on Facebook or her personal website page & @monikarmartyn.

#Alberta Author Monika R. Martyn is retired, married, happy, and a minimalist. She enjoys travelling and has been published in print and online and nominated for a Pushcart by Honeyguide Literary Magazine. Her debut novel, The Lucky Man—An Act of Malice, is available on Amazon.

Lovingly, Willie

Willie chased Becky; she didn’t like to lose on a dare. Becky was always up to some kind of mischief. Becky was so much fun.

Willie flew in hot pursuit, flying backwards and keeping an eye on the hives to find her way back home. Becky was faster and very agile.

“Wait!” Willie buzzed. She didn’t know where Becky was going. And the temptation of promised nectar was difficult to overcome. Every night she’d contributed her portion of nectar to make bee bread for the expected babies, but now Willie deserved a treat.

“Be Careful!” Cindy frantically cautioned in the hive, but Willie didn’t hear a word above the buzz.

Once they reached the small creek, Becky veered farther away from the hive, and Willie chased. While flying above the meadow, Willie kept track of the landmarks. Willie noticed the broken turnstile, the trio of spruce trees, and the mailbox with upturned wings when Becky suddenly dived into an unexpected garden below. The aroma of basil in bloom was thick like syrup.

“What took you so long?” Becky teased while gorging on nectar. The garden was smaller than the one at the mansion, but Willie had never seen such variety. Carnations, oregano, lilies, roses, petunias, daisies, and dahlias the size of dinner plates.

“You cheated! You never counted to ten.” Willie reprimanded Becky, who rolled in a bath of yellow nectar.

“Yum! So delicious,” Becky smacked her mouth. “That wasn’t my fault. You’re so slow at counting. In my head, I was already at twenty.” Becky sported a growing purple pollen beard and grinned.

Cindy didn’t trust Becky. She said she was reckless. But Willie loved the adventuresome spirit of her newest friend. Becky—everyone agreed, had been to places. Willie giggled, been —that word never got old.

“Follow me. Have you ever tasted carnations?” An array of multi-coloured dust-covered Becky’s bum. “There are so many flavours; it’s like an ice cream shop.”

Willie took another lick and lifted off; Becky was already high above her. Becky was the most popular bee in the colony. Everyone loved her sense of humour. Cindy was cautious, and Willie suspected unfounded jealousy.

Willie logged the new flavours in her memory; she also noticed the garden drew all kinds of characters besides bees. She saw many new butterflies, flies, beetles, ladybugs, snails, and dragonflies. Remembering her manners, Willie remained courteous and said hello. She was busy feasting on an orange lily when she bumped into a very furry bee.

“Goodness me.” The furry bee said.

“I’m sorry, I should have been more careful.” Willie knew to mind her manners. She didn’t giggle over the word been.

“I haven’t seen you around here before?” The furry bee came closer.

“No, it’s my first time.” Willie giggled. Seen.

“What’s so funny? Are you laughing at me because I’m furry and plump?”

“No. No. You said seen. That’s funny. I thought all bees found ee words funny.”

“I’m not just a bee.”

“What are you then?” Willie stopped eating.

“I’m a relative like an Auntie. I’m what’s called a bumblebee. The differences are obvious, aren’t they?”

“Yes, you’re much larger. And your stripe is wider. You definitely have more hair. But why is that?” Willie reached out and touched.

“Genetics, my dear. What’s your name? I’m Trudi.”

“Trudi, I’m Willie. I’m here with my friend. So which hive do you live in?”

“My swarm and I live below ground.”

“You mean no one built you a hive?”

“Nope. My group is much smaller. There are only 398 of us. That’s until our brood hatches.”

“But how do you make enough honey?”

“We don’t. We make enough to eat. You’re a honeybee; I am a bumblebee.”

Willie giggled. Honey. That word just tickled every stripe on her tummy.

“Bumblebee? You don’t eat us like wasps, do you?”

“No. It’s complicated. Wasps follow their ways, but they’re our cousins. As are ants.”

“Ants? Really?”

“If I had more time, I would love to share all I know about this wonderful planet, but I have a long way to go home. I wish you a lovely day.”

And just like that, Trudi lifted off, her legs swollen with baskets of nectar and pollen.

Willie flew to the next flower, a beautiful aster, and everything that Trudi was telling her was coming back to her. Her complex memory bank slowly released bits of stored information. She wished she could have spent more time with Trudi, but it was also time to head home. She glanced around for Becky and realized that the garden had become quieter. Becky was gone. The human came out of the house wearing a large-brimmed hat, and gloves and turned on the garden hose. A shimmering rainbow cast its beautiful colours in an arc.

And Willie was getting worried. Without Becky, she’d have a hard time finding her way back. She lifted off and saw the familiar rear end of a bee in flight and followed.

After several minutes, Willie panicked. She couldn’t identify the landscape below. Out of breath, she caught up to the bee and yelled, “excuse me.” The bee dropped lower and landed on a bluebell swaying in the evening breeze.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” The bee asked, and Willie saw her mistake. She didn’t know this bee at all.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I knew you.”

“No worries. You lost? You look lost. Don’t tell me you’re lost.”

“I am. I think. Lost.”

“Well, I don’t think I can help. I don’t know you. I’ve never met you. I have never seen you before.” The bee giggled.

Willie giggled too.

“I’m Willie. I’m from the Oak Colony. Do you know it?”

“Ah! Yes. Fly back that way. Look for the fallen log and turn right. Then fly a little higher, and you’ll see the oaks in the distance. Be careful.”

“Thank you. Which hive do you belong to? Willie asked.

“I’m a renter bee. I live alone in an abandoned house? But I have to hurry. I must go. I’m late.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Willie took flight, found the log and buzzed her wings higher. In the distance, she recognized the familiar cluster of oaks, the sunlight filtering through the leaves. She couldn’t wait to see Cindy and share her adventure.

But first, she needed to chat with Becky. It wasn’t cool to leave a friend behind.

Snug next to Cindy, Willie had questions. Each day among the hive was joyous and full of adventure. But as Cindy was explaining, also full of danger. The log she flew over was full of wasps, and she came dangerously close.

“What’s a renter bee?” Willie waggled.

“They live alone and have babies alone. They move into the spaces between cracks, pithy stems, or shells. Although it seems impossible, there are more solitary bees than hive honeybees. And like Trudi was explaining to you, we’re like a chocolate box assortment. There are so many kinds, perhaps thousands. But you know what?” Cindy stroked Willie’s legs.

“What?” Willie couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have a 🐝 friend like Cindy.

“Nobody’s as special to me as you are.”

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Even More Kilometers & Kilometres – Across The Globe – DanVenture Travels

Dans Wing (2)

I have just passed my 2 millionth kilometer traveled by air. That distance is just over 50 times around the globe & is equivalent to roughly 118 full days of flying. A pretty long time spent in economy. The flights I’ve taken span 107 airports in 67 different countries. Here’s to another million. I’ve included a map of all the flights I’ve taken for visual reference.

When I hit the 1 million kilometer milestone, I posted an update. A lot has changed with regards to air travel since that post. We saw a global standstill. We saw airlines focus on hygiene and cleanliness. Quarantine & air travel went hand in hand. We saw masks and other face coverings become mandatory for flying. We saw PCR tests/rapid antigen tests become a requirement to enter almost every country. Airport lounges were closed & duty free stores were shuttered. Airlines drastically reduced service on board.

It is safe to say, almost everything changed.

Although there have been numerous negatives to the changes that have taken place, perhaps there are some positives. Going forward towards the next million, I would like to see physical distancing being kept at airports. I would like all airlines to keep hygiene and cleanliness a priority. I would like to see continued use of personal protective equipment by airline & airport employees. I would like to see cheaper PCR/rapid antigen tests. I would like to see duty free stores & airport restaurants open again. Lastly, I would love to see people using aircraft lavatories with shoes on – seriously, that is the last place you want to be barefoot.

Until the next post. Like the DanVenture Travels Facebook page & use #DanVentureTravels on your Instagram posts so I can follow your adventures.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels

I was unable to reblog from Dan’s site, if you wish to see the original, follow this link:

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Meditation Magic

Flying Birds Eye View

I love meditating and indulge myself daily in this liberating experience. This discipline has made a remarkable improvement in the area of my spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

I journey through my body, from the top of my head and on to the soles of my feet, using a homespun mantra of thanksgiving for the perfect health of every component in this precious body of mine.

From here, taking sound advice from my unofficial distance mentor, Eckart Tolle (‘The Power of Now.’) Who says that we should never chase the thoughts coming into our minds, but rather observe them, without becoming involved, I enter my meditative state.

“Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.” – Alan Watts

My aim, with no pre-planned strategy in mind, is to silently drift, as clouds do ahead of the winds, in a yoga pose seated on the floor. I have no idea if the pose is essential to a deeper meditation or not, but at the very least, it does wonders for my posture.

More recently, in my meditation, I have taken to ‘flying’ in my body, sometimes only thirty or forty meters above the ground. Because I am invisible to the naked eye, I can observe, unnoticed by humans, animals, and birdlife, as they go about their daily activities. At other times I soar above the clouds and see the curvature of the earth below. I am grateful that I have sufficient ‘pictures’ in my mind to achieve all this. It’s so peaceful, relaxing, and above all – calming. I am slowly learning the art of ‘being.’

For me there are no rules, except to gain maximum from Eckart’s teaching, I steer myself into the now moment and discipline myself to remaining there.

Aaah, sweet bliss, I love this time, first thing in my day.

Photo by Nik Ramzi Nik Hassan on Unsplash

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You ADD Too?

Sea Shore

“We spend time in our dreams, our special world where everything is on our side”


I dream of visiting faraway islands on distant shores, lying on a beach, engrossed in my favorite pastime – dreaming. Continue reading You ADD Too?

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The Long Haul

Almost casually, my Son mentioned to me that he was flying down to Cape Town from Johannesburg to ferry a pick-up truck and drive it to his home in Johannesburg.

Typically, alarm bells went off in my mind. I expressed my concern about him attempting a journey like this on his own. A journey, in this case, which would beMap_of_the_N1_(South_Africa)_with_labels.svg traveled mostly at night. The N1 Arterial carries 300,000 vehicles per day and is the second longest road in South Africa, some 1900 kms (1200 miles).

Without giving it thought, I offered to assist with the driving; After a couple of weeks my Son accepted the offer and bought me an airline ticket to Cape Town.

The airline brought me to Cape Town at 11.30 am on a Friday and by 1pm, my Son and I were on the road to Johannesburg!

After the death of my eldest Son to a long-suffering, rare cancer, it was good to spend time with my remaining Boy, however taxing, the drive.

In short, we drove 1400kms (870Mi) in the space of 13 hours, only 4 of those in daylight. Our only stops were for fuel and for take out coffees and toasted sandwiches. I drank 8 cups of coffee along the journey (ordinarily I drink only one cup in the same Engen Wimpytime frame at home, so my eyes were wide open continually)! I don’t drive at night in the normal course of events, when I’m home, primarily because I am partially blinded by oncoming headlights. But I knew many family members and friends were praying for us as we drove though the dark.

A few years back, I would have considered the trip a nightmare, but this time, I loved every minute. We chatted and laughed a great deal. All the while the South bound traffic was passing us at approximately 120 vehicles per hour consistently, 90 % of which were heavy goods vehicles, to say nothing of the slow-moving vehicles moving Northbound (ahead of us). Finally, we arrived home at 3.30am Sunday morning.

We live in a time where much of the population complains, even violently, about the economic, political and poor governance of our country. Among the many complaints is that of the condition of our roads and behavior of lawless drivers – the list is endless.

In closing let me say that every day I extend my gratitude for everything in my life and that includes the roads and other drivers.

On this trip, I would like to say thank you to our Roads Agency for the excellent road surface on the 1400 kms. of the N1. The clear reflective markings on the road, which made driving a lot safer in what was a very dangerous driving condition. The provision of splits in the road that allowed for the overtaking of slower vehicles.

Thank you to the truckers, who do not have an easy or safe livelihood, for their amazing courtesy (headlamp control, moving over where possible).Truckers

Unless it was in the case of great importance, as this journey was, I should not like to do that journey again and I am so grateful to our airline pilots and crew who make flying in our country, safe and comfortable. The airline companies, through their initiative, making flying affordable, enabling me to continue using their services in the future.

“For those who choose to be grateful for that which they have, great is the reward of what will come to them in the future”.

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I Had A Dream……

Dan The Aviation Man 2

I stood in a fitting room, getting measured for my uniform. My uniform, the royal charcoal & burgundy of the prestigious Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways, an airline which has either been best or second best airline of the year for the last eight years. I can’t seem to grasp the fact that I am an employee of one of the leaders in the industry.

How did I end up here? To answer that question, I have to take you back a few years, so you will understand where my passion for aviation came from.

Sunderland J (2)
Sunderland ‘J’ Piloted by my Grandfather

My paternal grandfather passed away before I was born and as a result, I never had the opportunity to get to know him. He was a pilot during the great war. I remember spending hours looking at pictures of him in uniform while my grandmother told me about him and his flying years. I loved hearing about the people he met and the places he went. I can’t confidently say how or why this passion began, but I can definitely say, it was intense, consuming and, up until today, an integral part of whom I am.

Over the years, I spent hours reading about the industry, researching airports and learning about aircraft. If anyone was going to the airport, I was sure to be with them. If I knew about an air show happening, I would beg someone to take me. Any time I could incorporate aviation into school projects, I most certainly did.

When the time came for me to finish school and choose a career, aviation was an obvious choice. I just didn’t know which area of aviation exactly. The opportunity to go into avionics presented itself and I was thrilled to be starting my life in aviation. I spent the next three years completing my theoretical modules and doing long practical’s at various airports. Although I was in an industry I loved, this was a time of immense emotional hardship and I struggled through, but I made it; I qualified.

I began searching for jobs locally and then internationally. I was young, passionate and fully qualified, but very few companies got back to me. I can’t remember how many avionics related jobs I applied for, but it was very disheartening to not receive even a single call back.

I saw an advert on Face book for cabin crew with Qatar Airways. They were hosting an open day event in South Africa and I thought that dropping off my documents and saying hello wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t expect to have anything come from it, so I didn’t prepare to stay for any length of time. I got ready in business attire and went to the hotel hosting the open day. I was early, but other applicants started arriving and soon there were close on 600 people. I had long given up hope for this possibility.

Dan The Aviation Man
I Love this Space

Much to my surprise, I was asked to come back the following day. I passed the next round, the next and the next.

Fast forward a few months of jumping through hoops for the airline and there I was, my bags packed with a one-way ticket to Qatar.

I never expected this for my life; for a long time, I thought I would either work on the technical side of aviation or not in aviation at all. I also can’t explain how it happened that my first call back was the only job I applied for outside of avionics.

I find peace in accepting that this was just meant to be and as surprising as it was, I am happier than I have ever been.

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Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

Depression AJ 12

So that’s what you call Music

One of my daughters lives by the expression, “No matter what life throws at you, get up, dress up and show up” So I’m showing up, as promised, to continue telling you my story, even though life has recently been throwing some serious lemons, with no tequila, my way!

Continue reading Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

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A Flight to Fairyland

Piper Cub


Have you ever been to Fairyland?

I realize that no one has ever asked you this question before….but I’m being quite serious, have you ever been to Fairyland? Continue reading A Flight to Fairyland