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Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Live a Full Life


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Four Wisdom Snippets To Help You love Life.

I never follow the herd, in spite of a traditional upbringing. Essentially, I am a free-thinker and an up-streamer. Have you ever wondered why you can’t follow the herd? The answer is simple; you are not a sheep, you are a free-thinker.

I am grateful to have discovered prayer and laughter have something common, in my life; they both make me feel happier after.

I trust the words of correction from a true friend, however painful; but words, no matter how sweet, from someone who does not love me are like kisses from an enemy.

Daily learning and accumulating knowledge are of vital importance to me. Yet I understand knowledge without wisdom is like a ship without a rudder.

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The Beginning of Cindy

As a means of keeping the candle burning, for those that are following the Why Write Series, I am printing a submission from last week’s 200 word assignment. Following the submission, Cindy and I worked on a correction – see the difference?

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