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Weekly Words of Wisdom Love Yourself.

Love Yourself

Feature Photo By Chela B #loveyourself

Love Yourself

I Love and care for myself; I believe it is my genuine expression of gratitude to my creator for giving me a beautiful body and soul. When I look in the mirror I see Sam Heughan (as he appeared in Outlanders), not the image I’m looking at. With this image of myself, I go out to conquer the world as Coeur de Lyon! I love myself with the deepest sincerity, even to the point where I live my life ‘self-lovingly’. In doing so I never live for other people.  I live for myself. Not even my creator expects me to live for Him, in Him, yes, but most definitely not for Him (what could I do for my creator?) In not living for others, I am better equipped to encourage others and help them along the road of life. The result of this is; I have a very happy life.

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Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Four

Depression AJ 12


What’s Love got to do with it?


They say “self-love is the gateway to happiness”.

I’m writing this article under a cloud, yes I told you it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, and recovery is a daily battle. I don’t wake up every morning and feel fantastic, ready to conquer the world. But as promised “I’m showing up”.

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