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Peter’s Quote for The Day-Just Be Me.


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Being Me is Enough

I am authentic in my secret self, which is not necessarily the person I project to the world outside; although, I dearly wish it was. I am my own person, I do not match myself with others. I prefer to match myself with the Genius within. For my own comfort and enjoyment, I need to walk to my own drumbeat. I was uniquely created, why should I imitate the behavior of others? My behavior is infinitely more rewarding. I read once, “Comparison is odious.” I agree with this statement; however, if others want to match themselves with me, that’s OK. This has helped me to accept the behavior of others toward me, whatever it might be. It’s interesting to see, very often my acceptance of their treatment gives them relief.

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….of Books and Movies

How often have you heard others say, ‘Don’t watch the movie, until you’ve read the book’, or ‘The movie was not anywhere near as good as the book’. Of course, most of us agree with these statements and their many variants.

Maybe we should agree, because there must be a measure of truth in each of these statements.

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