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Christmas-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Deleece Cook

Sometimes messages of encouragement come to us with a bang. Consider the Christmas cracker; you pull, it bangs and hey-ho, out pops an encouraging message on a little piece of paper! Happy Christmas

Opportunities always seem to arrive tomorrow for me. This is quite beneficial, as tomorrow the fog would have lifted from my eyes and I will see them clearly.

I’m shocked to discover how many habits I have created in my life. Then I read that, thoughts are the mothers of habits. Little wonder I have so many habits, I must be an overthinker.

Never waste your time scratching around with old family documents, you never know what you might find. What if you discovered, even though your grandmother went to church every Sunday, she was a bank robber? Old documents are like old thoughts; best left in the attic.

Firstly, I find ‘To-Do’ lists work very well for me, keeping my life in a state of organized ‘chaos.’ Next, and just as necessary, I prioritize my list and do what is important first, then the urgent. I discovered, not all urgent matters are important. Now, this system really works for me. The given is, will I discipline myself to apply it?

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The Ferry Ride


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The Ferry Ride.

Two Strangers, who had met only hours before, travel on a ferry—Russia 1885.

“Sergey,” Kristina whispered as the two of us stood under the solitary streetlight in the heavily falling rain. Why are you whispering? I thought. It was half eleven, and we were alone; who are we disturbing? I turned to face Kristina and, in doing so, stepped on a twig; ‘Whoosh, as the twig snapped, a great owl alighted from its post on top of the streetlight and fled to a safer perch. Kristina screamed and clutched onto me. Her warm, sweet breath caressing my face, her grip on my arm set my pulse beating. “Oh, I got such a fright,” she exclaimed. “What was that?” “It was an owl, sitting on top of the lamp. I saw it when we arrived.” I explained.

“I was going to ask you if the ferry will be in time to get us across the river. I shouldn’t like to arrive late for mass.” She stated appealingly. In response, I looked over the landing ramp across the inky black river. The moon was dancing among the clouds, shedding stages of its beams on the river, revealing white top waves whipped up by the wind. “I see a little lantern swaying above the river; that would be the ferry making its way across,” I responded slowly. “What’s that squeaking sound I can hear, Sergey? Her voice was shaky as she looked around nervously. “That’s the pulley cable swaying against the  anchor beam.”

“What? Could you explain that in laywoman’s terms, please?” There was a twist of humor in Kristina’s voice. “Of course, forgive me. Do you see that cable attached to the pole up there?” “Yesss, I think so.” “that cable goes over the river, and it is attached to a similar beam on the far bank. There is a three-wheel slide suspended on the cable. Linked to these is a rope dropping down onto the ferry. The ferryman pulls this rope, and the ferry board moves forward.

Despite the feel of cold rain on our faces and wind whistling in our ears, it seemed Kristina was gaining some zeal. “What is a ferry board?” “It’s the part that floats on the water, like a raft. “We are going to travel on a raft?” Kristina was shocked. “It’s alright, Kristina; It does have rails on the sides and a bench to sit on.” “Oh, if only I had known, I wouldn’t have asked you to take me to this Christmas Mass.

Water splashing against its side, the ferry loomed onto the ramp from the dark river, the little lantern swaying in the wind. Kristina didn’t need to comment on the elderly, wheezing, and bent over Ferry-man. Terror flashing on her face said it all.

His breath gathered, the Ferry-Man began, with well-spaced strides, pulling the rope. On shaky legs, trying to accustom myself to the rocking of the ferry, I offered to assist the man. His words were lost as he grunted into the howling wind and spray. I sat down, and Kristina gripped my arm. “I’m afraid.” she was shouting above the wind; I looked into her face, my eyes burning from the rain. “Oh Sergey, I’m going to be sick, hand over her mouth and leaning over the rail, a foul-smelling fountain spewed from her mouth. She clung to the rails while I held her around the waist. She continued retching for a few minutes with nothing emitting from her mouth. Face as white as a sheet, she looked at me: “Sergey, I need some water; all I can taste is bile.” “Kristina, we’ll dock in a few minutes. I’ll find water for you.”

Strains of an organ filled the night as gratefully I found a handpump. “Come, Kristina, drink,” she eagerly slurped the water from her hands. “Thank you, Sergeys. I feel better now.” As we entered the church, a warm, strong waft of teak wood and incense blew into my nostrils, a pleasant change from the bitter cold rainy night outside.

Settling into a tight space in the pew, a sudden boom from the organ and the choir with high-pitched voices jarred us as they began, “Asperges me Domine…” “What language is that, Kristina?” I leaned toward her. “It’s a Gregorian chant in Latin. A psalm of King David, “Cleanse me o’ Lord…” “Oh, interesting.” Once the service ended, people began celebrating and thoroughly enjoying their Christmas feast.

At the insistence of the Ferry-Man, we returned to the ferry. Clouds had cleared, the wind dropped, and a full moon proudly shone down on us from a cobalt sky. Kristina’s hand slid into mine as we sat, our bodies touching. Overwhelmed by a deep longing in me, I turned and kissed Kristina on her cheek. Her eyes glistening with tears as she whispered, “Thank you for coming with me, Sergey.” Edging slowly towards each other, we kissed on the lips. Deep and long.

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A Pick-n-Pay Experience

I have often heard that Pick ‘n Pay ran competitions where one could win a month’s worth of groceries and wished I might be a lucky winner.

One day, Stella and I were debating as to whether to leave the comfort of our apartment, go out into the cold and do some shopping. Should we go local and that way return to our home sooner rather than later, or travel to the mall and make a morning of it.

We both needed issues to be resolved at our respective banks and decided that we might apply ourselves to the task of grocery shopping at the same time. In the light of this, we opted to brave the cold and travel to the mall.

Bank efforts took much longer than expected (why were we surprised?), by which time my stomach informed me that it was way past tea-time.

We opted to go to a Woollies for a croissant with butter and jam, along with a ‘nice’ cup of tea.

We were disappointed as the menu displayed the item, but we were told, it was ‘out of stock’. We made a second choice, which turned out to be a disaster.

We left Woollies disgruntled and went into Dis-chem and Stella asked why we were going into Dis-chem. “Shaving cream”, I replied. Why don’t we get it at Pick’nPay she asked? I thought for a moment and responded, “Good idea.”Pick 'n Pay

We walked into Pick’nPay and I asked, “Where would the shaving cream be?” Stella looked about thoughtfully and replied, “Down that aisle.” We marched down the aisle laughing and joking about our Woollies experience.

Along the way, we were approached by a young man, “We are looking for people to interview about their Pick’nPay experience, so we can use it for advertising on TV. If you accept doing the interview, we will give you a shopping voucher for R2500. Would you be prepared to be interviewed?”

I could not believe what I was hearing and began to cross question the young man to make certain I heard right. Stella said to the young man, “Interview him,” pointing to me. However, I was still trying to confirm what I’d heard. All the while Stella urged me to, “Go on John, you can manage that.” She was now raising her voice and laughing at the same time.

“Okay I’ll do it.” The young man looked happy.

Within what appeared to be only a few minutes, the camera team, complete with all their equipment, positioned me for the interview. A young lady tarted up my face and soon the camera was rolling. The young man began asking the first of his eight questions. He and the team seemed quite impressed. He said, “I never expected you to answer in this way – this is really great, he exclaimed!”Pick 'n Pay. 2jpg

After the shoot was done, amid reassurances that I was bound to make a continuity announcer on TV, we received our voucher; however, the team could not say if the King James Group would use the material.

Stella and I looked at each other awestruck!

As it happens, Stella and I are a retired couple and were a little tight on our food budget for the month. This windfall would be a big help in that regard.

Off the two of us went to tackle our shopping with new vigor and loads of laughter; we were like a couple of excited young children at Christmas time.

I looked around, not knowing what goodies to choose! Stella saw a bunch of Proteas – “These are beautiful.” she exclaimed, “Take them”, (We hadn’t bought flowers for ages) I waved my hand as if we had unlimited funds. She saw a little lamp she needed, “Take it”. I said in my most illustrious voice. We reached the Deli and I asked about a pie, which we hadn’t had for a while. “Let’s take two!” I cried. “Now, now, John. We just got R2500, not R25,000; stop getting carried away.” Stella retorted.

We laughed all the way down the aisles to the till point.

The joy we felt at our windfall was only exceeded by the wonderful way in which it had Pick 'n Pay. 3jpgall come together. We reasoned, as we chatted later; at any point along our journey we could have decided upon another route and would have missed this wonderful experience.

My wish had manifested – whats more….the cherry on the top was that the ad agency, King James, did use a clip and I appeared on TV!

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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Part Seven

Dhubai Trip

The UAE was never ready for me

When the ‘almost husband’ invited me to come and spend Christmas with him in the UAE I was ecstatic.

Firstly because I have never traveled abroad. I know right, 46, and never traveled internationally! But the main reason was that I would get to spend five whole weeks with him all by myself! No children no work pressure NOTHING! Just him and I basically on a honeymoon.nd believe me Dubai, is the best place to spend a honeymoon (trust us to do things the other way round). And we have never had that kind of time alone in all the ten years we have been together. So it was a first time and a very exciting one at that.

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A House Divided against Itself – Part Two


The trip to Australia and the stringent interviewing process, which was conducted over three, sixteen hour, days was a real eye opener for the Father and ended with him and two others being thanked for their attendance and participation. The three candidates were told that they would be notified about the results of the interview within two working weeks and then they were taken to the airport.

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A Letter to the Younger Me – Part Two

A Letter to 3

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child? Dreams and hopes, fears and sorrows. A child who seeks from those whose love and care is craved, just a smile, a word of approval, a touch of a hand, carried on a shoulder big and strong; lifted up and tossed into the air, then safely caught in strong hands…….

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child?

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Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

Theodore and Snowmen

Hello to All You Wonderful People

It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai!

I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand.

It all started with me seeing my very first ChristmasTheodore's First Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and a very big dazzling bright star right on the top of the tree. I saw so many colorfully wrapped presents under the tree and just wondered if one of those was for me.

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