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Corner-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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The wonder of my life is always a matter of what is around the next corner. This is the mystery; I never know until the corner has been turned. My decision is to be content and grateful, where I am until I’ve turned the next corner.

I love the world of children, who talk to themselves, Imagine being great heroes saving the world, whilst walking to school; then sleeping like a baby when the day is done. Accordingly, you and I should be the same. With this in mind, would you agree?

Are we not all imprisoned by the daily burden of earning and spending? If every prison offers an opportunity for escape, then we too must plan to make the great escape as well.

As the CEO of my mind and body. I will make all the final decisions. Fate may bring what it will and then the three of us will seek a solution, only once fate has made a delivery and not one moment before.

There is an unlimited source of power within me. My joy and delight are, I control the power switch.

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Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Create an Oasis


Feature Photo by Sandra Gabriel

Four Wisdom Snippets To Help you Create an Oasis in Your Life.

My dreams have created an oasis in what was once a desert in my life.

Life’s best lessons for me have been the times I have made poor decisions and wasted opportunities by missing them. As a result I now make sure I decide wisely and am watchful for the right opportunities. This approach is working well for me.

I am a member of a single family – humanity. I am related to each and every one on the globe. I celebrate this fact daily.

From very young my father taught me to build things. Startup on anything for me was a challenge, but after I saw results appearing, to finish was a breeze. I taught my children not to look for results, but enjoy the journey. The memory of these journeys becomes a long-lasting fragrance.

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My Big Fat Greek Baptism

Greek Church

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Greek Orthodox Baptism

“We have been invited to my very good friend Lia’s grandchild’s baptism; you ok with going?” my Fiancée enquired. “Sure” I replied, knowing that if my Woman wanted to go along to the service, then so did I. Bearing in mind that where my Woman is, there I wish to be, because not only do I love her, but I love her company, always.
Saturday came and we arrived at the Greek Orthodox Church. I had never been to a Greek Orthodox Church before, but it appeared very similar to the Roman Catholic Church of which I was a member for many years.
As my Fiancée and I stood outside the church, waiting for the previous service to come to an end and people were gathering, ready to move into the church, I became aware of the strong presence of families. There were older folks, younger folks, and a great number of children.

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Knock At the Door Fly out the Window.

When senior years knock at the door, does adventure fly out the window?

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of seniors, in their early and late seventies, respectively. Opportunity knocked at their door and they flew out the window to a new adventure:

Jacques and Marie are, if there is such a thing, your average seventy-year-olds who had decided to retire.

The challenge was this: Neither had any provision for retirement and their total assets were an apartment in a secure complex and two old motor cars.

Marie ran a thirty-year-old dress making business and Jacques a home-based data base management service. Both were wearied with the physical and mental stress of working their respective businesses.

Their children overseas felt it was time for them to retire saying they would offer to support them both until they could reestablish themselves. Their family at home thought it the best way for them to go.

Helped along by families on both sides of the ocean they started the lengthy process of preparing and submitting documentation, along with undergoing of all medical and financial requirements.

The Eighth Hole
At The Family Home

The final day of departure arrived all too soon, as the time they were spending with their family at home on a golf estate, (pic on right) they were enjoying.

Family dropped them off at the rendezvous hotel, where four suitcases (their life’s possessions) were lined up on the hotel patio. After registration and allocation of  numbers, their bus to the airport was booked.

They settled in the cool of the lounge, savouring an exceptionally flavour-filled burger.

There was a long wait before boarding the bus and also on arrival at the airport. Once more all luggage was unloaded, this time on the tarmac entrance to the departure terminal. This process allowed for a sniffer dog to run alongside the luggage, checking for (they didn’t know what?)

The Wheelers
The Wheelers

Booking for an assisted passage turned out  to be the best thing they could ever have done (more about that further on.) Two wheel chairs arrived with attendants and at the small cost of their self-consciousness, they were whisked to the head of an exceptionally long queue and wheeled along, with their cases, by folks who helped them to have the right paperwork ready and dealt with the check-in clerks, security, and Immigration officials.

They were literally rushed through the immigration, security and positioned first-in-line at the boarding gate. Their International airport (closed to all but repatriation flights) was like a grave yard. Everything was shut down, the lighting dim. Only one food store was open, which served some unpleasant sandwiches for which they paid a small fortune! Finally they were wheeled to the aircraft.

Neither of them had ever been aboard a Boeing 777-300 before and were struck by this huge spacious aircraft. The flight to Dubai was some ten hours and the service

Beautiful Airplane

provided by the cabin crew was nothing short of spectacular. Like any economy air travel, sleeping was fitful. A tasty breakfast and a cup of coffee next morning, cured much of their sleep loss.

Dubai was an extraordinary experience. It was light, airy, busy; like a huge mall with upmarket shops selling the absolute best of everything.

Their attendants spoke easily understandable English, were polite and offered a standard of service neither of them had ever experienced. The distance between aircraft exit to boarding gates would have left a fit athlete breathing fast! But their attendants weaved their chairs through the crowds at about 2 kph (fast for wheel chair occupants), showed them what forms were required  and when, jostling them ahead; the crowds appeared to be sympathetic to two retirees zooming along in their wheel chairs.


Again they were delivered to the doors of the waiting aircraft to be greeted by the cabin crew members.

Once seated, a rather large person attempted to squeeze in between the two and the window seat, without any success. The person complained volubly and was speedily relocated. They then enjoyed a comfortable flight in two of the three seater row.

The seven and a half hour flight was the same as the previous one: efficient and friendly service where nothing was too much trouble. Much to the credit of Emirates – the couple said it was the best airline on which they had ever traveled. They were literally served door-to-door.

The two disembarked at their new home, where they were wheeled through all the immigration and customs process in a matter of thirty minutes before being presented to their family.

They later described the entire journey as first-class comfort and enjoyment!

Arrival at their family’s home was breath taking. The golf estate is nothing short of

Family Home
Family Home


Marie is going to work in her son’s franchise business and Jacques will market his first book to European readers.

When I asked them how they saw their ‘retirement’, they explained that it was not a matter of ‘giving up work’, but rather working with their passions and enjoying these with those they love!

The two have settled in and taken several walks on the estate, plus a tour of the local village where shopping is done and a grandson goes to school.

The weather for them has been fine, temperatures averaging in the 18 c’s. In the apartment itself, temperature is controlled, particularly with the double glazing.

Setting up of the couple’s mobile phones was swiftly accomplished by the younger folk (who are wizards at these things) as was linking to WI-FI for their laptops.

Druids Glen
Family Home

Although saddened at having to leave other family members and special friends behind, Jacques and Marie are excited to move into their new lives here in this beautiful country.

They will live in the hope that one day, all their family members will join them on the journey of their adventure.

What we were thinking about yesterday, becomes our reality today, and today is our only reality – all else is illusion. Bury your fears and live your dreams.



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Lockdown – Day 7


Day Seven is upon us, with fourteen days to go!

In a country where 75% of our population have a television service and 68% have internet connectivity, 85% have mobile devices; it is safe to say that most of our population are informed of world and countrywide events.

Yet, short of taking ‘house to house’ sample surveys among different income groups would you be able to determine a pattern of how the average person is dealing with the ‘Lockdown’ measures. These measures only allow us an opportunity to escape incarceration when going to the doctor, collecting medicine and foodstuffs from our local pharmacy and supermarket. One would be putting oneself and family members at risk, with every trip to these outlets – so, they could never be considered as a possible ‘break from incarceration.’

The scope of domestic dwelling and its effects on individuals is wide indeed. Do you live on your own, with a partner, do you have children, what are their ages? Up to the lockdown were you employed? What age are you/your partner, the list is long indeed.

As one can see, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in trying to determine how people would be coping. Judging from the above figures, it is safe to say that most people would, at least, have some form of entertainment and communication with others.

This means I’m in no position to tell you what’s happening to people in a lockdown environment.

What I am qualified to share with you is what’s happening in our cave, with the hope it might offer you encouragement, a few hints on safety and hope for the future, whatever that may turn out to be.

My wife and I have a two-bed-roomed unit in a well maintained secure complex. We are in a two kilometer radius from shops, pharmacy and restaurants. Eight kilometers from our physician’s rooms. My wife maintains our unit in spic-n-span condition and that includes regular sanitizing. She does our laundry daily. On shopping trips we don our masks, gloves and maintain strict social distancing. On returning, we sanitize all goods we have purchased. Place our shopping bags in the washing machine. We leave our ,going out shoes’ outside the front door We sanitize all surfaces where shopping was unpacked. Our clothes are removed and put straight into the washing machine. Then we shower, washing all over and dressing with fresh clothing.

We exercise daily inside our unit and go for walks daily within our complex grounds, calling on neighbors who are within our seventy-something age group; especially those that live alone.

My wife is a seamstress and sews; recently making masks, that we have given to our family, friends and neighbors. She maintains a daily journal and is a follower of many talented self-development gurus.

I have a little amount of telephoning work for two clients, once a week and I have a blog site, for which I write articles. I have an e-book manuscript for my first short story book. I am two thirds of the way through my first novel.

We spend time contacting our children, grandchildren, via Whats App’s, House party, and email.

At night we watch videos via Netflix or read.

We have a rule that we never repeat any information that is of a negative nature. We do not run our government down, even if we disagree with them. We only disseminate conversation and articles of a positive and encouraging nature.

This is especially in the case of the younger members of our family, who do not understand the drama of what is taking place and therefore become fearfully anxious and in extreme cases – losing hope.

We do not watch TV or listen to news-feeds. Never lose sight of the fact that the media is a mammoth and ruthless business and not always ethical. Much of the time what they disseminate is inaccurate or downright untrue; yet sadly, we are raised to believe what is dished up for us.

In last week’s article I said:

With any catastrophe there are certainly two issues that will arise in its wake:

  • We can do nothing to change the course of the catastrophe.
  • We can do nothing about the (possibly major) changes that will take place in our lives.

What we can do is train ourselves and our children to think and speak positively; look after ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually. Do whatever we are easily able for our fellow humans, and trust that, this too will pass and better things are to come, however different they may turn out to be.


 The Covid-19 Pandemic:

This virus is a friend come to teach us; whilst the wounds of a friend inflict pain and suffering, they are a godsend compared with the kisses of our enemy. Prov. 27:6.

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Harry Martinson 1931


A group of children play here – the wind cleans the sky,

the clouds dance.

Someone flings rocks, someone helps an ant home,

someone throws the hazel spear through a spider’s web;harry Martinson

Some caress lovingly – a boy and girl,

explore the skin’s smoothness, blush red,

feel giddiness, kiss with red mouths.

The wind cleans the sky, the trees sway,

The children dance in unison – in group ecstasy.

Male and female buds live on the trees;

from the same trunk they emanate all around.

The wind, the wind! The Children, the children!

Don’t bring Lenin in here, don’t bring Ramakrishna,

Come with humility

Learn the important improvisations of wildness.

New origins are born with each child.

Come! the sea murmurs

Almost wild children – a thousand possibilities

Play marbles on the shore.


‘The Procession of Memories’

Selected Poems 1929-1945

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It’s such an amazing miracle; what happened to me last Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th March. On Friday night (15th March) during a Holy Spirit Impact session at our church I just started crying deeply, and cried and cried; so much so, that my clothes were all wet! So much water streaming out from everywhere in my face, just from deep inside. During that whole night I just wept so much! On Saturday morning it was like a lion roaring inside me… and this pain, tears, everything that was bottled up just came rushing forward like a volcano erupting. Later that day I realized the big lump that I had in my throat was gone, the pain in my shoulder bone from the thyroid swelling was gone!

Ronelle Goiter
Ronelle Goiter March 11 2019

On Monday the 11th, prior to this healing happening, I went to Radiology in Paarl. No cancer, just many nodules on my thyroid. My doctor said there’s no liquid in it, so it can’t be drained, it’s gotta be surgically removed. He then did a blood test and said on Friday 15th that my thyroid’s count is normal, not high and not low, so no medication. It has to be cut out.

Ronelle Healed March 16 2019

Well, on Saturday the 16th I was healed! So much pent up pain and emotions inside me caused my thyroid to grow and grow and grow, it caused a major lump in my throat and my neck to swell badly, like you can see on the photo taken on the morning of the 11th March.
It was like a very tight belt around my neck, being released. My thyroid would cause me to choke as it was swollen and painful inside at the back of it and all round, causing my neck to swell and pain into my collar bone.
This week on my holiday I went snorkeling with seals, I did lots of things, solo camping in my tent, hiking on Table Mountain, and the pain never came back again. The swelling is gone, no longer necessary to be operated on! YAY!   
All the pent up emotions way back from 2004 when I lost my womb…. Hopes dashed of ever having children….Since then I’ve been suppressing emotions; even during and after my Robin’s sickness & death last year. 

People keep the emotions bottled up… As the adage goes: Cowboys don’t cry. But the body gets sick from all the pent up emotions. Then its like a volcano erupting… Pressure building up. We should ask our Heavenly Father to help us release the toxins, the built-up emotions in our bodies… So our body can purify and heal itself from within. 

Last week I went back to my doctor and he was so touched with the remarkable recovery that he got all teary eyed. He said when I saw him in December 2014 about my thyroid it was bigger that it is now! It was dormant all these years until 2018.

So, it is SUCH an amazing awesome miracle that happened! Hallelujah! All PRAISE to You, AbaH! 

(First photo, in blue, taken on the morning of the 11th, just before radiology test and second one (in white & red) taken on the night of the 16th, after all the release)


Published with the permission of Ronelle, for your encouragement.





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Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Eleven

I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me.

I promised that my next article would be about the “things my father taught me”

But recently I had a life changing experience, which I would like to share with you today. The title of this article is from a Randy Crawford song… Which resonates with me currently.

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Things learned Along Life’s Way – Part Two

The Watcher.

The Watcher always looks at every aspect of life from a distance, as an observer, if you will. Never becoming caught up in anything, always watching from a distance.

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A House Divided against Itself – Part Four


Life returned to a sense of normality, which after two months was turned completely upside down.

It happened when the husband awoke  at two in the morning to find he was alone in bed. He called out softly to his wife and on getting no response; he got up and made his way through the house and on reaching the lounge he heard soft sounds like crying coming from behind the closed door of the study. He tapped on the door and made his way though. His wife was curled Husband Comfortingup on the big easy chair weeping. He reached down to her small, almost frail body and without a word, his big arms enfolded her and he gently lifted her off the chair and sitting in the chair he moved her onto his lap as he would have done with the smallest of his children.

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