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Weekly Word of Wisdom

Man With Arms Up


My freedom is a matter of my choice, no one else on this planet can give me freedom. I might be released from prison, but that is not the essence of freedom, because there are those who, whilst imprisoned, experienced freedom. There are those who cannot find freedom after being released from prison or without ever having been in a physical prison.

I can be enslaved in multitudes of prisons in this life. Toxic relationships, soul-destroying employment, poverty, fear, anxiety. The list is endless.

By contrast the quintessence of freedom is not found in multitudes of expressions. It is essentially in my state of  mind and it’s a state which understands; water flows in the direction of least resistance until, over  millennia, sometimes, overcomes the resistances in its path.

 I allow my mind to follow the line of least resistance, thus freeing my journey in flowing to my destination. Many times, in pursuing  that approach, I also overcome the resistances in my path.

Through all this, I am the captain of my ship and my decision must be final.

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Ye Espice Ilande

The Wisdom of Crusty Pirates.

It were in the yeare anno domini 1609, when that bold Captain Petre Jamese did seil his vaissel into ye Espice Ilandes, of Mollucos; there to seeke his fortune. For surely, mani were of the espices; notemyge, clufe and cinamone. Greate were wealthe of these to be had for those who were bolde to collecte.

Galleon in Bay
Ye Espice Ilande

Twas a faire daye when Captain seiled into ye bay. His crewe layed anka, after ye trusty vaissel quieted in stille waters of bay.

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