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Advice-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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I have discovered, advice from others must be dealt with carefully. To listen to advice is one thing, to act on it is quite another. Advice for which I have not asked I have learned to be particularly cautious about.

I never approach anything in my life with an attitude of wariness. I much prefer to be fearless in tackling everything.

Since my youth, I have been a adventurous person. This state has led me through many painful and frightening experiences but I would do it all over again – on one condition; I know what I know now.

Many are the encounters in my life, where I never saw the pitfalls ahead of me. I simply plowed ahead oblivious of the dangers – which is just as well. Then I saw a horse, in busy traffic, with blinkers on and I realized I was not alone in my folly or my accomplishment

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