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Peter’s Quote for The Day-Love to Explore.


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Change your Life-Explore .

I am an explorer by nature, and this has continued through my adult life to this day. As a child I rode around the bush roads on my bicycle, to discover new places and exciting things. Today I am fascinated by the phenomenal history of the country in which I live. Without a bicycle, and having to monitor journeys in my little car to avoid high costs, things needed to change.

It was then that I discovered, exploring places and people is not limited to leaving my desk. With an invaluable tool like the internet, I am able to explore all I want. On the internet, I can explore the world without leaving my office. Now my life is never dull, and I don’t stop my journey of discovery. Isn’t it amazing that exploring is also not limited to places and people? We can find out how to do anything. Also, learn how something works. Almost anything can be purchased online and we can watch sporting events as well. The list is limitless. Why not create your exploration.

Make a list of ten things that interest you as I did, then search the net, saving your most exciting finds in your favorites – you will be so surprised at what you discover.

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A Letter to the Younger Me – Part Two

A Letter to 3

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child? Dreams and hopes, fears and sorrows. A child who seeks from those whose love and care is craved, just a smile, a word of approval, a touch of a hand, carried on a shoulder big and strong; lifted up and tossed into the air, then safely caught in strong hands…….

Who knows what lies in the mind of a child?

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