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Wife in a Million

She is a woman among women, is my wife. She loves me in the truest sense of that beautiful word. She has always cared for me in every aspect of my life, nurturing me in my aspirations and applauding my successes, no matter how small.

She is compassionate, kind, and thoughtful in so many ways. She is fiery though, and never tolerates a wrong word or action from anyone and especially not from me! She is the hardest worker I know and is fully committed to performing her tasks, both domestic and business. Everything she does is done well.

She is a spotlessly clean lady who always looks top drawer and I’m proud to be seen with her. She keeps our home in prime condition and me trim too. Laughing is one of her favorite activities and she loves me reading stories to her. We have never lost the art of kissing and expressing our love for each other; and at at the end of each day she tucks me up in bed and gives a goodnight kiss.

I am a man, blessed out of my socks!

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A House Divided against Itself – Part Four


Life returned to a sense of normality, which after two months was turned completely upside down.

It happened when the husband awoke  at two in the morning to find he was alone in bed. He called out softly to his wife and on getting no response; he got up and made his way through the house and on reaching the lounge he heard soft sounds like crying coming from behind the closed door of the study. He tapped on the door and made his way though. His wife was curled Husband Comfortingup on the big easy chair weeping. He reached down to her small, almost frail body and without a word, his big arms enfolded her and he gently lifted her off the chair and sitting in the chair he moved her onto his lap as he would have done with the smallest of his children.

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