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Breathing-Wisdom Snippets From Peter


Feature Photo Brett Jordan

Four Wisdom Snippets To Help With Your Breathing.

Isn’t it interesting? Fear, which never gives up trying to imprison me, disappears with my breathing in and out deeply. This tells me fear is not real, breathing is!

I am an explorer, as such I have a fascinating life; discovering beautiful interesting people, places, events, and myriads of other special tangibles. Often I write about these and share them with others. Nowadays any one of us can explore without even leaving home – isn’t that wonderful?

I live in a binary world. One world is physical, the world of senses; the other ethereal, the world of Spirit. One I touch with my senses and the other, I touch in the Spirit.

I’m sure there is no possibility for me to ‘stand still’ I must move forward or by default, slide backward. I say this because I know my environment is changing quicker than my breathing.

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The Most Beautiful Garden in the World


Flower Gardens

The most beautiful and dynamic garden in the world is the human mind.

In it grow all manner of thoughts.

Every imaginable species of thoughts grow there; happily they grow alongside each other; which is quite surprising really, considering how different they all are.

Whilst they jostle, like the occupants of any garden, for prominence, they vie with one another for position; some content in their beauty, some content in their fragrance, others boasting both beauty and fragrance.

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