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Eleanor Lorene Lowe-a Challenge!


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I had Rather wanted you to share in a challenge for which I was nominated by my dear friend Eleanor Lorene Louwe on her beautiful exhilarating site: ✨ Sunshine Blogger Award ✨ – You Lil Dickens.

Unfortunately, due to some vitally important commitments I have at this time, I can’t participate. As you have not been nominated you can’t be lined up for the award. But visit her site, answer the questions and take it from there.

Eleanor Lorene Lowe-Questions

  1. Do you think free will exists? If yes, please explain why and the role it plays in the world.
  2. In your opinion, does weed, overall, have more of a positive or negative impact? In other words, does it do more harm than good or the other way around?
  3. If you could live in any era which would it be and why?
  4. What is your favorite quote of all time and why that one?
  5. Pick one of the worst events in history. If it were possible to change or prevent it, would you? Why?
  6. Should euthanasia be a legal option for all if the law was written with great care and consideration?
  7. Why does evil exist in the world?
  8. What is your superpower (AKA Your Greatest Strength)?
  9. Who do you think is currently one of the most influential individuals in showbiz? Why?
  10. How do you like your eggs? Do you think your preference reflects your personality?
  11. Are Myers-Briggs Personality Types all their cracked up to be?

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