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The Shift

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A review of the video, produced by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who should view this video?

People who realize:

Ø  That there is more to life than just accepting your daily ‘lot’.

Ø  That they are stuck in a rut, growing older with their only future being to retire in the years ahead and start the process of slowly dying.

Ø  They desperately want to hope that there is an opportunity for them, before they leave the confines of this earth.

Ø  That even though they are young, they are not happy in their ‘chosen’ profession; they are looking for more.

Ø  They sense that there is a power, somewhere out there, that they are not tapping in to.

Ø  Their present relationship to a significant other is on shaky ground, whatever their age group.

This list is endless, but so far it’s a good start, because most of us reading these lines, qualify on a least three of the above points.

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