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Funny You Are


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I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, all that you’re yet to be.

Ernest Hemingway

“This too will pass, and the best is yet to come.” If you whine in her company, she’ll tell you this and then make you repeat it. Remind you often, so it’s etched into your brain. Don’t forget, if you want to be in her company, or else!

Loving her new life, not wanting to get out of bed too early; although she does make a dutiful, and very important move to look after Alice in the chalice (serious consequences if she doesn’t) and certainly not until she’s had her morning cuppa. Her first enjoyment of the new day.  Lifting her lips from the cup she croons, “tasty cup of tea. Did you make it?” I look around to see if there is anyone else in the coop but us two. She’s kidding and I’m doing a follow-up.

Believe me, she’s like that. If it isn’t funny, this lady will make it funny. People always laugh in her company; Aaah she’s a true Brit, master of the understatement.

A joy to live with and we’ll see many sunrises and sunsets together as we walk through the vale on the road to the mountaintop. I could not imagine a more beautiful soul to share that experience when we gaze out to forever.

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Are Men really from Mars?

Lavatory Pic

As a young man, I was quite unaware that my origins were from the planet Mars, or so I was told by my older sister Andrea, who had three of us younger male siblings to contend with.

This information had burst forth from her mouth in an anguished moment of terror and humiliation early one winter’s morning.

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