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Weekly Words of Wisdom


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Changing Attitude

Mostly, changes, in all their forms came about unexpectedly in my life. Some were dramatically quick, others so slow that I didn’t even notice until they were upon me. In particular small changes were often like this.

If I give some thought; changes that I liked, I accepted; changes that I didn’t like, I resisted. Yet, I recall that often the changes that I embraced, were, in the long run not beneficial to me, and changes that I resisted became lost opportunities. In other words, accepting changes  I enjoy was not always the right thing for me and similarly, those I resisted, because they did not appeal to me, would have been the better option.

What I discovered over the years was this; I am not always the best judge of what changes to accept and which to resist.

If I was to accept changes that came into my life without resisting, then I could in due course apply these changes, ultimately to my benefit. If I could not apply them to my benefit I would accept them until such time as I was ready to make other arrangements.

I think of recent Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Here was change affecting people on a global basis. As these changes were introduced by law, none of us could have resisted them, except under the pain of heavy fines. We all accepted the changes and began to adapt to the situation, awaiting a day when we could return to, at the very least, a semblance of our previous lifestyles.

Many of us started to work from home, adapting to being almost completely housebound and not enjoying the physical company of our fellow workers, family, or friends. Many were put off work, some were paid state benefits; airline pilots were painting houses, change was the order of the day in every phase of our lives. For the most part, it was, ‘adapt or die.’

I noticed at the beginning of this bizarre state, I resisted the enforced changes in my mind. But as time passed, I realized this attitude was fruitless and on the advice of several articles I read, relating to the subject of change, I did just that – I changed my attitude!

Knowing that I was helpless to resist the enforced changes I adapted to apply a different way of living, with a view to ‘putting a finger in the dyke’ until I could repair the hole.

I had no trouble sleeping after that.

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The Long Haul

Almost casually, my Son mentioned to me that he was flying down to Cape Town from Johannesburg to ferry a pick-up truck and drive it to his home in Johannesburg.

Typically, alarm bells went off in my mind. I expressed my concern about him attempting a journey like this on his own. A journey, in this case, which would beMap_of_the_N1_(South_Africa)_with_labels.svg traveled mostly at night. The N1 Arterial carries 300,000 vehicles per day and is the second longest road in South Africa, some 1900 kms (1200 miles).

Without giving it thought, I offered to assist with the driving; After a couple of weeks my Son accepted the offer and bought me an airline ticket to Cape Town.

The airline brought me to Cape Town at 11.30 am on a Friday and by 1pm, my Son and I were on the road to Johannesburg!

After the death of my eldest Son to a long-suffering, rare cancer, it was good to spend time with my remaining Boy, however taxing, the drive.

In short, we drove 1400kms (870Mi) in the space of 13 hours, only 4 of those in daylight. Our only stops were for fuel and for take out coffees and toasted sandwiches. I drank 8 cups of coffee along the journey (ordinarily I drink only one cup in the same Engen Wimpytime frame at home, so my eyes were wide open continually)! I don’t drive at night in the normal course of events, when I’m home, primarily because I am partially blinded by oncoming headlights. But I knew many family members and friends were praying for us as we drove though the dark.

A few years back, I would have considered the trip a nightmare, but this time, I loved every minute. We chatted and laughed a great deal. All the while the South bound traffic was passing us at approximately 120 vehicles per hour consistently, 90 % of which were heavy goods vehicles, to say nothing of the slow-moving vehicles moving Northbound (ahead of us). Finally, we arrived home at 3.30am Sunday morning.

We live in a time where much of the population complains, even violently, about the economic, political and poor governance of our country. Among the many complaints is that of the condition of our roads and behavior of lawless drivers – the list is endless.

In closing let me say that every day I extend my gratitude for everything in my life and that includes the roads and other drivers.

On this trip, I would like to say thank you to our Roads Agency for the excellent road surface on the 1400 kms. of the N1. The clear reflective markings on the road, which made driving a lot safer in what was a very dangerous driving condition. The provision of splits in the road that allowed for the overtaking of slower vehicles.

Thank you to the truckers, who do not have an easy or safe livelihood, for their amazing courtesy (headlamp control, moving over where possible).Truckers

Unless it was in the case of great importance, as this journey was, I should not like to do that journey again and I am so grateful to our airline pilots and crew who make flying in our country, safe and comfortable. The airline companies, through their initiative, making flying affordable, enabling me to continue using their services in the future.

“For those who choose to be grateful for that which they have, great is the reward of what will come to them in the future”.

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