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Ireland Bound-The Wheelchair Wizards

The Wheelers (2)

Ireland, A trip to remember.

At the insistence of our children, my wife and I decided to pack up our home in South Africa and emigrate to Ireland. Given our age and many other vital factors, we decided this would be the wisest thing to do.

It was late 2020 and under severe lock-down conditions that we made our flight reservation. With all our paperwork and forex on the ready, we began the packing of our four suitcases. We sold our apartment, cars, and other possessions and put, what remained of our lives into four bags. This was a remarkable feat on its own, as these contained our lifelong possessions.

Seniors Seats

Understanding that we were leaving on Thursday, we were busy packing early on Wednesday. Our travel agent called to remind us to be at the airport before noon. “You mean today?” My heart skipped a couple of beats! “Yes,” he replied. Pandamonium broke out in my family’s home. How were we going to pack and still make the airport by 12? We all began running around like headless chickens, with me in the lead and yelling, “It’s impossible; how will we make it?” Moments later, the travel agent called again. He apologized profusely saying, that our flight was Thursday, not Wednesday. There we were, six family members, having different expressions of relief. Some were angry at the agent’s error, others, including me, lying on the floor, gasping in relief.

Once all settled down, we reverted to a more leisurely packing process.

Our Daughter-in-law called from Ireland to check all was running to plan and casually asked if we had requested assisted travel, as we were both over seventy, “I thought that was just for minors,” I remarked. She reassured me it was a wiser arrangement to make. I duly called our agent and organized it with him.

When we arrived at the airport, two gentlemen shepherded us to wheelchairs. I was shocked, as I was sure we didn’t need wheelchairs.


It turned out the best arrangement for the two of us. Our carers wheeled us to all the correct checkpoints, ahead of the long queues, and knew which documents were required, helping us select these from the huge pile we were carrying.

On boarding the aircraft, we were seated in a convenient place (near the loo) without another passenger squeezing into our three-seat row.

On landing at our first destination, we enjoyed a similar treatment on both arrival and departure.

What amazed me was, on our arrival in Ireland, we were afforded the same treatment. Our trip was seamless because three different sets of carers in three countries were skilled, compassionate, and understanding.

We arrived, if not a little weary, in our new country, safe and sound. A surprised (at how fast we came through the red tape.) but relieved family welcomed us, and we drove to our new home.

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Things Not To Buy While Traveling

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When you’re in a new place, it’s easy to spend money. You’ve saved for & planned a holiday, so it is easy to keep the “Treat yourself” attitude alive when it comes to buying things. Whether you’re on a relaxing holiday or exploring new cities, you will come across items that seem exotic & the novelty of not being able to get them at home will persuade you even more. More often than not, these items are not worth the money & your hard-earned money would be better spent on something else. Here’s a list of things I’d suggest skipping on your next trip. I will say that there are, of course, some people who will genuinely buy these things & get great use out of them, but these people are few & far between.

Traditional clothing

Buying clothes & shoes while on a trip is generally a bad idea because you’ll struggle with packing & baggage weight on your way back home. Traditional clothes of the country or city you are visiting is an even worse purchase because they often have a hefty price tag & you will never use them. Most people don’t even wear their own traditional clothes because they’re impractical so they will be even more so for you. It is very easy to get carried away in the moment but think about this clearly before purchasing.

A Tattoo

Just as getting inked after a few drinks is not the best idea, getting a tattoo while on a “holiday high” is probably something you would want to avoid. The design might seem like a wonderful idea at the time, but not be appropriate when you get home. You also don’t know the quality, price & cleanliness of the random parlor you walk into.

Tacky souvenirs

A souvenir is meant to be a memento of a place you visited or a trip you’ve taken. Tacky souvenirs don’t last long &, therefore, waste your money. You’ll also want something nice looking to have on display in your house, right?

Bulky souvenirs

On the topic of souvenirs, buying heavy, fragile, or bulky souvenirs is not a good idea. You will struggle packing these items into your luggage & they have a higher chance of breaking on their way home. I have made this mistake a few too many times.

Hotel food

Whether it is from the restaurants in hotels or room service, hotel food is expensive. More often than not, the quality is not good either. Save yourself some money & go looking for local restaurants. Better yet, be a little adventurous & try some street food

Neck pillow

Okay, so this is not an exotic item. If you’ve followed this blog for some time, you’ll know I hate these things. Neck pillows get forgotten, dropped on the floor, collect all kinds of germs & shoved into overhead compartments on aircraft. Very rarely are they actually used. You might truly believe you will use it, but I highly doubt it.

Things for other people

This is last on the list because this is something I struggle with the most. It’s perfectly fine to buy gifts for your loved ones, but when people find out you’re going to a specific place, they ask you to get things for them. Your colleagues hear you’re headed to Switzerland? They ask for chocolate. That lady in your yoga class asks for skincare products when you return from South Korea. This happens often. I don’t think people realize the cost involved as well as the time it takes to find these items & then the hassle of getting them back home. It’s nice to be nice & do things for other people, but remember that this is your trip & your time.

I hope these have helped & will save you some money in the future.

Oh… and you might be wondering about the featured image for this post; horse poo I saw for sale in New Zealand – yea, don’t buy that while traveling.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels :

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Even More Kilometers & Kilometres – Across The Globe – DanVenture Travels

Dans Wing (2)

I have just passed my 2 millionth kilometer traveled by air. That distance is just over 50 times around the globe & is equivalent to roughly 118 full days of flying. A pretty long time spent in economy. The flights I’ve taken span 107 airports in 67 different countries. Here’s to another million. I’ve included a map of all the flights I’ve taken for visual reference.

When I hit the 1 million kilometer milestone, I posted an update. A lot has changed with regards to air travel since that post. We saw a global standstill. We saw airlines focus on hygiene and cleanliness. Quarantine & air travel went hand in hand. We saw masks and other face coverings become mandatory for flying. We saw PCR tests/rapid antigen tests become a requirement to enter almost every country. Airport lounges were closed & duty free stores were shuttered. Airlines drastically reduced service on board.

It is safe to say, almost everything changed.

Although there have been numerous negatives to the changes that have taken place, perhaps there are some positives. Going forward towards the next million, I would like to see physical distancing being kept at airports. I would like all airlines to keep hygiene and cleanliness a priority. I would like to see continued use of personal protective equipment by airline & airport employees. I would like to see cheaper PCR/rapid antigen tests. I would like to see duty free stores & airport restaurants open again. Lastly, I would love to see people using aircraft lavatories with shoes on – seriously, that is the last place you want to be barefoot.

Until the next post. Like the DanVenture Travels Facebook page & use #DanVentureTravels on your Instagram posts so I can follow your adventures.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels

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Knock At the Door Fly out the Window.

When senior years knock at the door, does adventure fly out the window?

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of seniors, in their early and late seventies, respectively. Opportunity knocked at their door and they flew out the window to a new adventure:

Jacques and Marie are, if there is such a thing, your average seventy-year-olds who had decided to retire.

The challenge was this: Neither had any provision for retirement and their total assets were an apartment in a secure complex and two old motor cars.

Marie ran a thirty-year-old dress making business and Jacques a home-based data base management service. Both were wearied with the physical and mental stress of working their respective businesses.

Their children overseas felt it was time for them to retire saying they would offer to support them both until they could reestablish themselves. Their family at home thought it the best way for them to go.

Helped along by families on both sides of the ocean they started the lengthy process of preparing and submitting documentation, along with undergoing of all medical and financial requirements.

The Eighth Hole
At The Family Home

The final day of departure arrived all too soon, as the time they were spending with their family at home on a golf estate, (pic on right) they were enjoying.

Family dropped them off at the rendezvous hotel, where four suitcases (their life’s possessions) were lined up on the hotel patio. After registration and allocation of  numbers, their bus to the airport was booked.

They settled in the cool of the lounge, savouring an exceptionally flavour-filled burger.

There was a long wait before boarding the bus and also on arrival at the airport. Once more all luggage was unloaded, this time on the tarmac entrance to the departure terminal. This process allowed for a sniffer dog to run alongside the luggage, checking for (they didn’t know what?)

The Wheelers
The Wheelers

Booking for an assisted passage turned out  to be the best thing they could ever have done (more about that further on.) Two wheel chairs arrived with attendants and at the small cost of their self-consciousness, they were whisked to the head of an exceptionally long queue and wheeled along, with their cases, by folks who helped them to have the right paperwork ready and dealt with the check-in clerks, security, and Immigration officials.

They were literally rushed through the immigration, security and positioned first-in-line at the boarding gate. Their International airport (closed to all but repatriation flights) was like a grave yard. Everything was shut down, the lighting dim. Only one food store was open, which served some unpleasant sandwiches for which they paid a small fortune! Finally they were wheeled to the aircraft.

Neither of them had ever been aboard a Boeing 777-300 before and were struck by this huge spacious aircraft. The flight to Dubai was some ten hours and the service

Beautiful Airplane

provided by the cabin crew was nothing short of spectacular. Like any economy air travel, sleeping was fitful. A tasty breakfast and a cup of coffee next morning, cured much of their sleep loss.

Dubai was an extraordinary experience. It was light, airy, busy; like a huge mall with upmarket shops selling the absolute best of everything.

Their attendants spoke easily understandable English, were polite and offered a standard of service neither of them had ever experienced. The distance between aircraft exit to boarding gates would have left a fit athlete breathing fast! But their attendants weaved their chairs through the crowds at about 2 kph (fast for wheel chair occupants), showed them what forms were required  and when, jostling them ahead; the crowds appeared to be sympathetic to two retirees zooming along in their wheel chairs.


Again they were delivered to the doors of the waiting aircraft to be greeted by the cabin crew members.

Once seated, a rather large person attempted to squeeze in between the two and the window seat, without any success. The person complained volubly and was speedily relocated. They then enjoyed a comfortable flight in two of the three seater row.

The seven and a half hour flight was the same as the previous one: efficient and friendly service where nothing was too much trouble. Much to the credit of Emirates – the couple said it was the best airline on which they had ever traveled. They were literally served door-to-door.

The two disembarked at their new home, where they were wheeled through all the immigration and customs process in a matter of thirty minutes before being presented to their family.

They later described the entire journey as first-class comfort and enjoyment!

Arrival at their family’s home was breath taking. The golf estate is nothing short of

Family Home
Family Home


Marie is going to work in her son’s franchise business and Jacques will market his first book to European readers.

When I asked them how they saw their ‘retirement’, they explained that it was not a matter of ‘giving up work’, but rather working with their passions and enjoying these with those they love!

The two have settled in and taken several walks on the estate, plus a tour of the local village where shopping is done and a grandson goes to school.

The weather for them has been fine, temperatures averaging in the 18 c’s. In the apartment itself, temperature is controlled, particularly with the double glazing.

Setting up of the couple’s mobile phones was swiftly accomplished by the younger folk (who are wizards at these things) as was linking to WI-FI for their laptops.

Druids Glen
Family Home

Although saddened at having to leave other family members and special friends behind, Jacques and Marie are excited to move into their new lives here in this beautiful country.

They will live in the hope that one day, all their family members will join them on the journey of their adventure.

What we were thinking about yesterday, becomes our reality today, and today is our only reality – all else is illusion. Bury your fears and live your dreams.



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