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Mother Africa

I read this article on FaceBook Dec 13-20“WHAT AN AMAZING PIECE DESCRIBING SA. Despite being grateful to be in a country where there is basic safety for all, ohhhh the magic of Africa runs deep……. May my birth mother survive what is being done unto her, by those who do not know her value and do not appreciate her true beauty…

Author J. Ikin

I sit here quietly thinking about what it means to me to be South African, a visitor to South Africa or even African. It seems easier to explain the effect that this land has on me…

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Serengeti in Africa….

As something different this week, I am posting the work of two of the WhyWrte? course participants –

This is Jingaling’s contribution – enjoy:

Ecosystems anywhere, are worth going to. Why? You may ask yourself.

Let me tell you about my experience.

Being confined to a routine of work and home, a visit to the Serengeti brought me back to earth, showing me an amazing way of communicating and enjoying life by “just thinking”.

I always say “thinking is essential” to achieve what you want in life, both in your personal and business lives. This is common sense, I know, but I promise you, common sense does not always prevail in life today.

I learnt a little Swahili, as this is the official language of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Learning this taught me how to stay humble and also to never ever judge anyone that walks with you. By speaking the home language, ISwahili gained so much respect from Tanzanian people, that I felt like a visiting queen, however, I was anything but. I only managed to speak a few sentences to ensure that I could make myself understood and not talk myself into trouble.

Before the Lion King, hakuna matata was used in a well-known Kenyan song “Jambo Bwana” by ‘Them Mushrooms’. I was not aware of this, but people told me, and I found it interesting.

You must wonder why The Serengeti?

Well, it is Tanzania’s oldest game reserve, renowned as the site of the annual Great Migration, this is really no joke, but an estimated three million antelope – mostly wildebeest — migrate here. This in itself is amazing and somethingwildebeeste 3 to see. Which now that I have seen this with my own eyes, I have developed a love for this place.

In the Serengeti, the focus is on the big predators, of course. The lion is the star of the show, the animal that everybody wants to see.

The lions of the Serengeti reminded me that every person should adopt a lion image; Lions make themselves safe and are respected by other animals. Each of us should place ourselves where we can succeed and achieve our goals.

The African predators also remind us about the issue of conflict, which is something we all have in our lives and must learn from each experience in order to equip us in dealing with conflict when it comes around again.

Whilst the great predators of the Serengeti are responsible for strategy and seeming conflict, it is the more numerous hoofed creatures, populating the plains, that cheer the Serengeti’s remarkable setting.

The Serengeti is composed of stunning geography; the landscape is formed of rocks that intrude into the plains, which are like a sea of grass.

But the Serengeti’s setting is more complex than geology, because it includes life itself, a setting packed with the smaller creatures that enrich the landscape with drama but also with detail.

This is life, and seeing these animals do what they do, made me realize that life is a gem in itself.

In the end, it’s up to us, as humans, to preserve the structure of nature’s tale, the flow of our world’s story, and the significance of the creatures that share our world; for we are also part of the story, hence we must nurture and protect what we have been given.

I want to leave you with the following acronym, by which I live: “R.A.P”

R – Responsible

A – Accountable

P – Proud

As humans, we are responsible for our own actions, and we are accountable for those actions, at all times; but it does not end there, after being responsible and accountable , one must always be proud of one’s actions.

Stay safe and mentally healthy,


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Land Grabbing

What is Land Grabbing?

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Theodore Dingelberry

Theodore Dingelberry

Hello to all you wonderful people out there in the big wide world.

My name is Theodore Dingelberry and I am a travelling companion to my very close friend Antoinette.

Can you believe it? Here I am on my little red rubber dingy (especially made for me – I might just add) in a swimming pool at a very, ritzy hotel on the sea front – where? Wait for it – on holiday in Dubai, Yaaay!!!

Emirates JetI flew all the way over from Africa in this beautiful big silver jet. I sat with Antoinette in the cabin (no being stuffed away in suitcases with other little creatures that were travelling with us).

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Long Walk To Freedom


Nelson Mandela



The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

“The Autobiography succeeds because the vicissitudes Mandela has gone through, in the course of his life, are so dramatic that the reader cannot help responding to them as if to a fairy tale or moral fable of some kind. No hero of legend ever went through such protracted trials to arrive at such an improbable victory” – Dan Jacobson, Daily Telegraph.

The book is the autobiography of Rolihlahla ‘Nelson’ Mandela, more endearingly known by his tribal name – Madiba.

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