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Flexible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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I have an ordered but flexible life. I live this lifestyle for no other reason than my personal comfort. To be flexible is to come away from slavery to orderliness.

Achievement is like a person who sees an opportunity, seizes it with both hands, placing it into the wardrobe of their mind. Then wearing it on a suitable day

I am grateful that some of the things I wished for in my ignorance, never came about in my life. I would not be writing these lines if they had.

Making use of as many opportunities as possible must surely be a gift.

I am a forward thinker and I maintain this state by constantly researching.

What is a forward thinker?

I consider myself to be a forward thinker. Although, I must admit to not being a forward planner; more of a forward dreamer. Planning is an excellent idea for those who like to set goals, strategize, and then monitor their accomplishments. I am essentially a confident person who believes in himself; Although there are times when making presentations, for instance, my knees wobble a little. Whether you are a forward planner or dreamer, it helps to see yourself accomplishing your desires. One characteristic I have is that of effectively managing my thoughts. And I believe it to be an essential ingredient to achieving your plans or dreams.

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Dreams, Goals, Positivity


The very first blog that I ever published on my newly established site was, “The Person you want to be” and that was January 26 2017. I never knew Dreams 3anything about blogging and blog sites, but I had an dream to write and publish my own material. I made a commitment to publish an article each week and now, on January 13 2018, I have been able to publish in one year, 109 posts over two sites (In May 2017, I set up a second site, to publish my spiritual teachings).

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