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Grudges-Peter’s Wisdom Snippets.


Feature Photo by John Bussell

When I’m tempted to hold grudges; It calls for rearranging the thoughts in my mind. I make very sure the important thoughts are placed on top of the others. Next, I toss the grudges into file thirteen. Hey-ho, I’m ready to go.

It has become apparent to me that accusing others is a senseless activity. This benefits neither the accuser nor the one being accused. For this reason, I accuse no one, not even myself. Because the folly of blame, justified or not, is this: It is never a solution.

It is said, when I point an accusing finger at anyone, three fingers point back at me. The fingers say, “Energy waster!”

It is both consoling and gratifying for me to respect all my fellow human beings. To treat or think of others with contempt is more damaging to me than it is to them.

I am intensely aware of perceiving something to be what it’s not. Wisdom has taught me to carefully filter my perception in order for me to see things as they really are.

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