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Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Samuel Wong

“Two mature ladies sat under a great oak tree on an old bench. “Do you live here?” The one enquired. “Five minutes down the road, ” the other replied joyfully, grateful to have someone she could chat with. “I have lived here all my life, she continued.” “Ever traveled to another country or city?” “Never was inclined to do that.” “Oh! Any reason if you don’t mind me asking?” “Not at all. I was born in this town, baptized in the church over the road. All my schooling was completed in the town and then I married the only man I have ever loved in the same church over there.” Any children?” “Yes, one son.” Is your husband in business?” “No, fully retired,” “oh!” Yes, he died just after our son’s tenth birthday.” “Oh, how sad, I am sorry.” “No need, at 19 years my son joined the forces in Vietnam and I never saw him again.” “That must have been a terrible shock for you. You poor thing.” “A shock, yes, but it didn’t leave me poor. I had a man who loved me dearly. He gifted me with his life and blessed me with a son. My son was a fine young man, a bright scholar, and a top athlete. He loved and cared for his mother until he responded to his country’s call.” The silence between them was broken when the other woman looked up at the oak tree, “Beautiful tree, love the shade it gives; I wonder how old it is?” She remarked. “Forty-six years, five months, two weeks, and three days, to be exact.” What! How do you know that?” “I planted the little acorn in memory of the only two men I have ever loved. It took a lot of patience waiting for it to grow this big, so I could fully enjoy its shade. You know the old saying, ‘Great Trees from little acorns grow.’ But there’s no mention of how long it takes.” Silence. The moment was almost sacred.”

“When I was young I did all the talking. Now that I am older I have stopped talking and begun listening. I am learning so much more.”

“When I address anyone I have four non-negotiables I require of myself. I speak honestly, respectfully, empathetically, and with an understanding of what the other is needing to hear.”

“I have two choices in the way I speak; words that will encourage others or words that will break them down. Whatever I choose, will leave me responsible for the outcome.”

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Important Notice

Druids Glen

To all my family, friends, followers, and readers.

From December 10th, 2021, until January 10th, 2022, I will not be publishing any new articles on this site.

I am taking a break over this period to spend much-needed time with my family.

Whatever this season means to you, I wish you well and safety over the time.

My heartfelt thanks to those who have supported my publishings over this last year.



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Things Not To Buy While Traveling

I am unable to reblog to my site and have purely copied from Dan’s. Use this link to reach Dan’s site direct:

When you’re in a new place, it’s easy to spend money. You’ve saved for & planned a holiday, so it is easy to keep the “Treat yourself” attitude alive when it comes to buying things. Whether you’re on a relaxing holiday or exploring new cities, you will come across items that seem exotic & the novelty of not being able to get them at home will persuade you even more. More often than not, these items are not worth the money & your hard-earned money would be better spent on something else. Here’s a list of things I’d suggest skipping on your next trip. I will say that there are, of course, some people who will genuinely buy these things & get great use out of them, but these people are few & far between.

Traditional clothing

Buying clothes & shoes while on a trip is generally a bad idea because you’ll struggle with packing & baggage weight on your way back home. Traditional clothes of the country or city you are visiting is an even worse purchase because they often have a hefty price tag & you will never use them. Most people don’t even wear their own traditional clothes because they’re impractical so they will be even more so for you. It is very easy to get carried away in the moment but think about this clearly before purchasing.

A Tattoo

Just as getting inked after a few drinks is not the best idea, getting a tattoo while on a “holiday high” is probably something you would want to avoid. The design might seem like a wonderful idea at the time, but not be appropriate when you get home. You also don’t know the quality, price & cleanliness of the random parlor you walk into.

Tacky souvenirs

A souvenir is meant to be a memento of a place you visited or a trip you’ve taken. Tacky souvenirs don’t last long &, therefore, waste your money. You’ll also want something nice looking to have on display in your house, right?

Bulky souvenirs

On the topic of souvenirs, buying heavy, fragile, or bulky souvenirs is not a good idea. You will struggle packing these items into your luggage & they have a higher chance of breaking on their way home. I have made this mistake a few too many times.

Hotel food

Whether it is from the restaurants in hotels or room service, hotel food is expensive. More often than not, the quality is not good either. Save yourself some money & go looking for local restaurants. Better yet, be a little adventurous & try some street food

Neck pillow

Okay, so this is not an exotic item. If you’ve followed this blog for some time, you’ll know I hate these things. Neck pillows get forgotten, dropped on the floor, collect all kinds of germs & shoved into overhead compartments on aircraft. Very rarely are they actually used. You might truly believe you will use it, but I highly doubt it.

Things for other people

This is last on the list because this is something I struggle with the most. It’s perfectly fine to buy gifts for your loved ones, but when people find out you’re going to a specific place, they ask you to get things for them. Your colleagues hear you’re headed to Switzerland? They ask for chocolate. That lady in your yoga class asks for skincare products when you return from South Korea. This happens often. I don’t think people realize the cost involved as well as the time it takes to find these items & then the hassle of getting them back home. It’s nice to be nice & do things for other people, but remember that this is your trip & your time.

I hope these have helped & will save you some money in the future.

Oh… and you might be wondering about the featured image for this post; horse poo I saw for sale in New Zealand – yea, don’t buy that while traveling.

Keep traveling, keep safe.

DanVenture Travels :

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Weekly word of Wisdom

Blame Game

Picture Credit: John Paul Summers Avatar of user John Paul Summers @jpthedp

I hear others talk of ‘The Blame Game’ and it made me think. Surely, to lay blame on others and especially myself, is not only a fruitless but also damaging practice. If something happens in my life at this moment now, it immediately becomes past tense and as such, cannot be changed. It is done. Unless… I could time walk.

Researches say that in order to time walk, I have to find and enter into a wormhole. I have no idea as to the validity of this statement, but if it is true then would I be able to go backward and change things for the better, or will this run against the law of the Universe?

Considering the above, until I find a wormhole and understand the law of the Universe, I can’t change any action or words of mine done or spoken, even a nano-second ago. Hence it becomes fruitless to blame myself or others for something done or said in the past.

There’s more… to do something that is fruitless is one thing, to do something that is damaging is another; Something fruitless offers no gain, but the damage will need repair if it is possible. Psychologists say, in the realm of the human psyche, the repair is not always that simple to accomplish.

 Since I made this decision my breathing has improved! This being the case, It would be wiser for me resolving to remove the word ‘blame’ from my vocabulary and desist from anything connected to it.

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Politics and Politicians

I read on a newsfeed, this comment: “Politicians are an evil necessity.” I looked up the definition of ‘evil’ in Merriam Webster and this is what it offered: “morally reprehensible sinful, wicked.

If I look at these four words I could come up with this conclusion: None of them are based on a law of any sorts, but rather more inclined to have their origins in tradition and custom. In certain institutions and organizations traditions are set as rules. In other words, if you wish to belong to a particular institution or group, you will be required to follow their rules.

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Weekly Word of Wisdom.

A Fork in The Road

Which Way?

“There is no tragedy in life, only a fork in the road ahead. Tragedy is no more than a fork in the road demanding a change of course in our lives.

A fork in the road demands we take one of three directions. Go back into the cave of our past, go right to continue without change in our steps, go left into the steps of change and opportunity”.

Sir Peter James Dotcome

(Picture credit Pixabay)

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A post from Monika Martyn.

Historic Grade 2 listed mansion in Swannington, UK.

If you want to make anyone uncomfortable, simply tell them that you own nothing. In a second, their eyes roll slightly inward as they compute the idea of what nothing could mean and that you must be joking: they’re waiting for the punchline that what you’re saying can’t imply the same nothing that means nothing.

Others may nonchalantly glance over their shoulder to see their belongings and that your nothing has nothing to with their everything. After all, what is life for if not for gathering stuff? 

When we are born, people already bring us stuff. Baby clothing, toys, food. As we grow up, more stuff comes our way. We receive a collection of items to make us happy, to make us fit in, to help us live comfortable lives, and to shape us into unique individuals. Those articles are often given out of love. 

There is also a constant trade and evolution, perhaps. Pink bikes are exchanged for ice skates, blue bikes are exchanged for balls, dolls are replaced with sweaters and lipgloss, real cars and trucks replace the Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars taking up space attic or basement. Of course, some of us collect those items forever because they are too precious to part with.

Monika publishes stimulating and interesting articles off her blog site. Visit her site:

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Weekly Word of Wisdom

My Job vs My Passion


“When your alarm goes off and you lie there contemplating how much you need your job…” *

Writing is my pasion

It was not all that long ago, I had a similar thought. Then I made a decision – I will love my job until I can exchange it for my passion. Today, I am living my passion and I don’t need my job. (sirpeterjamesdotcome.)

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Forgotten Dream


I was all of twelve years old and very impressionable; we were in 1954 Southern Rhodesia, an exciting country, wide open spaces, not many towns and even these were spread, miles apart from one another.

My father was the sole representative for a brewing company and travelled around the country a great deal, often taking me on trips along with him during my school holidays.

As long as I live, I will never forget the sight of one of the greatest water falls in the world, Victoria Falls. That was such a notable experience that I remember writing an essay about it at school. I was fascinated by the history we were taught at school regarding David Livingstone who was the first European to discover the falls and Cecil John Rhodes after whom The Rhodesia’s were named.

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Social Dilemma–A Reminder

Monika is wise. She sees the spooks hiding in the shadows, yet whilst she is pleasurably human about her findings, she displays no fear in revealing her warnings. For a writer to accomplish this, it is admirable, but to do so without a ‘know-it-all’ approach is refreshing indeed. Bless you Monika.