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Corner-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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The wonder of my life is always a matter of what is around the next corner. This is the mystery; I never know until the corner has been turned. My decision is to be content and grateful, where I am until I’ve turned the next corner.

I love the world of children, who talk to themselves, Imagine being great heroes saving the world, whilst walking to school; then sleeping like a baby when the day is done. Accordingly, you and I should be the same. With this in mind, would you agree?

Are we not all imprisoned by the daily burden of earning and spending? If every prison offers an opportunity for escape, then we too must plan to make the great escape as well.

As the CEO of my mind and body. I will make all the final decisions. Fate may bring what it will and then the three of us will seek a solution, only once fate has made a delivery and not one moment before.

There is an unlimited source of power within me. My joy and delight are, I control the power switch.

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2 thoughts on “Corner-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

  1. Thank you Eleanor, grateful to have you expert support.

  2. Peter, this is so profound. I don’t even know where to begin! Fantastic, my friend!

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