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Spirituality-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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Spirituality is, at the very least, a mystery. At worst, it can be slavery. While conforming to the ways of the universe is rewarding, slavery to human interpretations of spirituality can destroy my freedom and joy.

I find it fascinating; the more I discover about myself, the more there is yet to discover. Seems to be no end to this state.

Is all that matters to me right now honestly matter at all?

I never run dry on things to do.

Specific philosophy I understand in theory. Yet, it is much harder to apply to my life. Then again, how important is a philosophy?

To question is human, but in a moment of critical decision, it is not an option. In this case, immediate action is wiser.

It seems to be the road of the spiritual search is an exceedingly long one. I believe it only comes to an end in eternity, at which point, I assume, we will find out if we used our opportunities in life well enough.

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  1. I can’t seem to find a spot to like and comment on your site???? I loved your Gordon Ramsay story – how clever of you, well done. Thank you too for always liking my posts. Blessings, Peter.

  2. I never run dry on things to do either. 🙂

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