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Talents-Wisdom Snippets From Peter


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Over time I have discovered talents hidden within me; I not only start to use these but I keep looking for others. The cost of finding and using talents is high. I need to stretch myself to the limit to discover and acquire; unless I do, my search is fruitless. The more I use the talents I have, the more they increase. Like water from a tap, the more I turn the tap the greater the flow.

I made a decision recently; to stop planning my life and wait instead for the life intended for me to eventuate. Now I feel like I’ve taken a fun vacation. Seriously, it’s so relaxing.

I am having the most fun I’ve ever enjoyed in my life; ceasing to be stagnant and have now become occupied with putting thoughts onto digital. And creating astounding messages out of them.

Mostly I want people to improve themselves. As I help others to better themselves, I start to feel better myself!

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2 thoughts on “Talents-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

  1. Thank you for your messages cousin Peter – they are all excellent – may the Lord continue to bless you with wisdom!

    1. Bless you Cousin Vivienne and I accept your blessing with faith and joy.

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