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The End-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

End sign

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This is Not The End

This is not the end, I would say in frustration. This statement now bears new meaning for me. There is in fact no such thing as the end, just a new beginning.

I’ve heard that everything in the universe is made up of atoms collected in various densities. If this is true, then nothing is solid in the sense we know it. Am I right in thinking; if you and I could change our density, we could pass through a brick wall?

I am blessed to have shifted from a place where I was dissatisfied with what was happening in my life to a place where I love what I am doing. It tells me that If I want to change, I can.

My life experience has been that change has never had to ask for my permission. She simply happens, with or without my consent. What happens though, if I ask for change?

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