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Time-Wisdom Snippets From Peter


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A Day is Coming When Time Will No Longer Be.

I am happy to know, for each of us, a day will come when time no longer exists. The word ‘stress’ will vanish along with time in that moment

I never partition events in my life as enjoyable or not enjoyable. Rather, I consider how I managed each event. This is a more illuminating approach for me.

I love to laugh and to cry. Laughing makes me feel happy, crying gives me a quick release to a sudden pent-up emotion. Both are priceless in their value and their timing.

As with most things in life, adventure comes at a cost. I have to stretch myself mentally, physically and exit my comfort zone, to experience it. A bargain at the price though.

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2 thoughts on “Time-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

  1. It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones. Stretching beyond is hard, but worth it. Great advice you’ve written!

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I feel the same as you – tough, but worth it!

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