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Idea-Wisdom Snippets From Peter


Feature Photo by Mika Baumeister

Never Let An Idea Go

In case an idea becomes stifled in my efforts to apply it, I place it in a corner of my mind. There it awaits an opportunity to be revived – I never let go of an idea.

I live by the rules I set myself, also those I subscribe to. I do not live by any other. When it comes to laws, I obey.

I am never selfish, because selfishness is senseless behavior. What has been given me in this life, is only on a temporary loan; how I use what I have been loaned will have eternal outcomes. I always share what I have with others.

All die, even the strong. Death awaits all humanity. But more importantly, Life awaits each of us. Offering us her hand and to enjoy ourselves to the full. We will not leave this world until our allotted fill.

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