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Kiss A Frog-Peter’s Quote for The Day.


Feature Photo by Wallace Heng

Why Kiss a Frog?

Why kiss a frog, when Granny told you that you’ll  get warts if you do. Rather wait for a prince; there are a few around you know. Some really top-drawer ones too. I used to kiss frogs until I learned I was dependent on them for my security; my happiness. I was always disappointed in the end, because, as Granny said, I got warts. Warts of anger, jealousy, insecurity. There were quite a few others as well. At that point I learned about partnership. I used a salve called trust, respect and giving, to heal the warts of dependence. My skin cleared beautifully and guess what? Princes in their droves are queueing up at my door! I’ll never kiss a frog again.

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