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Exercising-Peter’s Quote for The Day.


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Exercise From The Mind

My best experience with gym sessions was the shower after. I diligently performed my exercise routine, but my mind was always elsewhere, because I disliked exercising. Yet I appreciate the value of exercising. I’ve improved on this though; having taught myself to love each movement of every exercise. I was told if I want to put more power into what I’m doing, I must focus my energy on what I’m doing.  I discovered this is working for me. Plus there is a bonus -I get more value for my gym fees. That’s not all… my mind, oh my mind, is so much sharper. I won’t tell this to the gym, they’ll up my fees!

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4 thoughts on “Exercising-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

  1. Another great post and essay Peter! Fitness and the after experience is what has been keeping me going since the pandemic began. Always sets my heart, mind, and soul in the right place. No matter what’s going on before I work out – I always come back home to the peace in my heart. Wishing you all of the above today and all month long! Dr. Andrea :)))

    1. Dr. Dinardo, your words are always encouraging. I don’t go to gym anymore, but continue exercising at home and taking walks along the seafront, which run for several kilometers.I incorporate meditation and prayer with my exercise regimen as well. Once a week I do a body and mind mantra,in which I offer gratitude for all the many different parts of my mind and body.I attribute my good health to this mantra.

      1. I can picture the scene from your words. And it is breathtaking! Adapting and changing is everything. And you, my friend, always take it one step higher.

        1. Aaah, you are a blessing.

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