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Wisdom Snippets From Peter


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Seven Wisdom Snippets to Encourage you.

  • I keep doing what I love, because love is the most infectious quality I have to give.
  • It is not always the case that we gain wisdom with age, but often it is found there.
  • Short-term greed brings long-term ruination!
  • Until I can accept all my fellow humans as valuable partners in my journey through life, respecting whatever differences lie between us, there will be no peace on my earth.
  • When circumstances threaten to overwhelm me, I revise my thinking about them; this way, I am never overcome by my experiences.
  • Now and again, I trust my instincts and do the unexpected. When I do this, it brings encouraging results. If it doesn’t, that’s a pity. But I would instead have trusted and not received encouragement rather than not trust and never get anything anyway.
  • I am grateful I broke with traditionalism early in my adult life. However, I was always an upstream walker in any event. For this reason, it was not difficult for me to leave traditionalism by the wayside. I saw that traditionalism attempted to define me.
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