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Peter’s Quote for the Day – Wrong Way

Going Wrong

There’s No Wrong Way.

Feature Photo by Andrej Lišakov

Do you have days when successions of things seem to go ‘wrong’? I set about publishing my daily quote this morning and found my wi-fi was not connecting. After much ado, I managed to get it up and running.  As I got into my site I ran into difficulties on the back end of the site. I repaired that and during my shoot, WhatsApp’s refused to let me post, because it had an altercation with and disconnected itself from my mobile! I pacified those two and finally published my post on the respective social sites. In times gone by I would have screamed some obscenities, slapped the wi-fi modem, my laptop, and karate-chopped my mobile. Skulking off to the kitchen, I would then pour a coffee to settle my rage. In line with my new discipline of assessing my thoughts before throwing a tantrum, I came up with this conclusion. First of all, the new dictionary I use does not have the phrase, “Things going wrong.” It has been replaced by, “Wow, what an opportunity!” I calmly set about the necessary maintenance with the word, “opportunity” flashing from the desktop in my mind. Hey-ho, what ya-know, Everything sorted, the shoot was complete. My coffee tasted so much better. 

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