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Peter’s Quote for The Day – Resisting Change.

Change Habits

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Change a Habit

I find my life is a daily challenge of facing change. I usually resist any changes, small or large. But I found out that it was not change I was resisting. Rather it was the habit of resisting that was the problem. It was the habit that caused my resisting, not the change. I learned this was the source of the problem. I had to deal first, with the habit. My habit was simply, “I don’t like change.” The solution is, create a new habit: “Change is essential for my growth.” With my new habit, I manage changes much better now…

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3 thoughts on “Peter’s Quote for The Day – Resisting Change.

  1. Well, Sir, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Wow! Your perspective is genius. Your words are so relevant to my current situation. I do believe I will save this for future reference! Thank you for sharing your wonderful words of wisdom. Sláinte Mhath!

    1. Eleanor, It encourages me to know my words have uplifted your soul. Blessings.

      1. More than you know! Sláinte Mhath!

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