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Peter’s Quote for The Day Are You Normal


Feature Photo by Belinda Fewings

I have heard it said, “So and so’s behavior is not normal.” I wondered how to define the word ‘normal.’ The dictionary says: “someone who conforms to a type, standard, or regular patterncharacterized by that which is considered usual, typical, or routine,” I asked myself, does my behavior fit this description? A voice inside me said, Most definitely not!  I don’t conform to a type, a standard, or a normal pattern. If it is a scientific fact that every snowflake that has ever fallen on Earth is different, then what about the masterpiece of creation, humans; can we be an exception to this rule? Surely the answer to this must be no. Otherwise, how do we explain individual DNA? If this is the case, why do scientists seek to ‘clone’ humans? It appears to me that the only things that might conform to the definition, are robots.

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